Friday 30 October 2009

of love and chicken soup...

I got the flu... and a nasty one... I managed to get sick while on what was supposed to be a romantic, fun, mini-break in the most beautiful city in the world... and have been sick since a week now... so I cursed my "luck" who wanted me coughing and feverish and weak and miserable there and here... but while cursing this luck, I have been thanking my other luck, the real luck who got me blessed with a partner who's been an angel during all this!

No, he did not get angry I got sick in our holidays (obviously it would have been silly as.. it's not like I can control it... but I just mention it...) no, he was taking care of me, trying to make things as easy as possible for me and repeating that it was so awful I was sick.. not for him and the change in the plans, after all we did not go out clubbing on Saturday, but for me being suffering. And he really went out of his way to make the trip back as comfortable as he could, though admittedly it was pretty tough for me. And he's been full of compassion and care and love since we got back.

He's been going to the supermarket and doing the shopping for me everyday and then he's been here cooking chicken soup for me and keeping me company every night for hours, just so that I don't get lonely... because he does understand that being home alone and flu-ish for a week is a bitch... And he didn't care that he had to bring in different food for him and cook it here (who wants to have patient's food every day...) he just did it because he cares for me as no other has ever cared. Giving for the mere joy of giving...

And today, I managed to go out to the supermarket myself (yeah, yeah, I know, big deal, but believe you me, after this week was not damn easy..) and all I wanted was to have a nice dinner at home with him, to cook for him as he has been doing all week for me. And we did :) he came here early so that we have the evening for ourselves and we enjoyed the dinner and a chat and watching a film and life felt normal again! I felt normal again!

And I know that all this is a bit corny but I do honestly believe that having someone to care for you and love you so much, so full of compassion and genuine, selfless interest, IS truly better than shoes. And I do know that I must have done something right in a previous life to deserve someone so wonderful as him... so kind and helpful and understanding and selfless and caring. And I hope that I can be there for him if ever he needs me!

So, corny as it may be, I just wanted to share this with you and hope that everyone can be with someone who will stand by them when they need them... with someone who will have compassion for them... I also hope I get back on my feet as soon as possible.. enough is enough now :)

ps.  I may have exaggerated a bit in this post...

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