Thursday 10 February 2011


... is better than shoes! And I will dedicate this post to it :)

Now, for those of you not familiar with this wonderful fitness regime, here you are. I have been practicing on and of with videos at home for about five years now but it is only since last autumn that I started with the classic Pilates training at a studio. I got myself a personal trainer and I gathered up all my motivation for going there at least once a week after work and fight my natural tendencies which would be go home and crash on the sofa :)

Mind you, it is not easy at all! If you do not believe me, google some videos of it and you will know what I mean... But, boy, does it feel good! It is the type of exercise that is as if it was made for me: no huffing and puffing, no sweating, no jumping up and down like a lunatic (so that all the wobbly parts -of other people of course, what did you think- can be also jumping up and down in plain view...), no loud music, no gym freaks checking out their muscles at the mirrors, no show off...  And it works wonders! Not only my aching body bits (ok... I do have some of those...) have just stopped aching, honest truth, but I feel my body changing session by session! Like I'm getting taller and lighter and leaner!

Ok, the fact is that it does hurt while doing the exercises... it is very hard workout, focusing on those core abdominal muscles, and that is the reason why it works as well as it does! But, though one could not say that it is "fun" to do (it is not the thigh-master and this is not an infomercial...), it is my kind of addictive, seductive I dare say, type of work out! And one which definitely brings results! Thus, it is better than shoes! Not to mention that the way it transforms the body, anyone looks better on high heels sandals :) Clearly, a win-win situation ;)