Wednesday 23 May 2012

Coldplay @Porto

...was better than any pair of shoes I have ever laid eyes on, better then red soled Loubies, better than iconic creations of master Azzedine Alaïa, better than my first pair of white pumps that I insisted on buying at the age of 9 although they were one size too small and cheap as f**k and hurt my feet to the point of fainting... but, they were the first pair of lady like shoes I got after years of wearing corrective shoes for my (slightly...) flat feet... so you can imagine how precious they were...

So, picture this: One of the most beautiful -if not THE most beautiful- cities I have ever been, with the warmest, kindest, friendliest people, a city as alternative and as temperamental as they come (yes, a lot can be said about the weather, but, as Chris said "f**k the rain, we'll have some fun"), a city that I have come to love with all my heart! Now, combine this with Coldplay!! Live!!! In a stadium full of more than 50 thousand people, singing and dancing and laughing in the rain, wearing bracelets that would light up with the music (surely the best alternative to lighters, right?! ;) and sharing a joy so immense, so real! It was "Para- Para- Paradise"!!

Got that? Got the picture? Well, my dear friends, I got a lot more! I got the feeling!!! I got to BE there! And I got to sing until I could not speak any more, I got to dance and jump up and down until I could not walk any more, I got to smile so much my face muscles were sore... I got to be in probably the best concert I have ever been in my life!

So it is only fair to say that I got an experience so precious, so memorable that I can only compare it with the best pair shoes and it wins every time! No matter what the shoes are!