Sunday, 18 August 2019

tropical rain...

... is not as such better than shoes. But, it can be 😉

So, it’s late afternoon, I have already taken my nap on the patio and now I’m on the beach, working on my tan because well, that’s what I do when I’m on beach holidays! That and reading for pleasure! You see, I read and write for a living and that’s not fun at all so the only times I can actually read just for fun and truly enjoy it it’s when I’m on holidays!

Yes, I digress... I’m on the beach and I see a really dark cloud in the distance, pouring some rather substantial rain in the sea... now, I’m no expert in weather, especially in this part of the world that I visit for the first time, but the engineer in me thinks: “ hmmmm... there’s rain there and the wind is coming this way so very probable that it will bring it here soon”. I know. Some very complex thinking took place... I have my diploma to thank for it... ok, jokes aside, it really looked like it was going to pour! A prudent girl, I gather up my stuff (always better to be safe than sorry... and wet... particularly if it means my iPhone and Kindle are also wet...) and head to the house...

It was about fifteen minutes later that the rain started! Sudden and strong! Like someone was holding a shower head over the island! So much water that fell in the next hour, it was most impressive! And there I was, all protected on the patio, perfectly dry (except for my hair... I had just taken a dip in the sea before I left the beach...), lounging cozily on the chaise-longue, smoking my ciggy and looking at the warm rain that kept falling, making everything wet and fuzzy... and yes, there were some people running to take cover, but I had been lucky! I saw it coming! And under the circumstances, it was indeed a “better than shoes” experience 😊

Friday, 16 August 2019

sand under my feet... better than shoes!

I’m on holidays! Long awaited, well deserved, holidays! After one train, two airplanes, one water plane (best thing ever!!) and a boat (yes... that was certainly not in the deal, but due to reasons beyond my control I ended up on a boat for the worst 10 minutes of a 22-hour-long voyage... I don’t do boats, anyone who knows anything about me, knows that...) I arrived to paradise! I cannot describe this place with a more fitting word!

A tiny green island, surrounded by white sand that meets a crystal clear blue sea, the warmest I have ever experienced! And I’m Greek so, you know, the standard is pretty high! Everything is perfect here: My tiny house in the tropical forest, with its comfy lounge chairs on the patio and only 32 steps from the beach; the beach which is the calmest and most inviting one I have ever been to (no loud music, almost no people at all, no screaming kids, nobody showing off their last 13 months’ efforts at the gym)... and the views which are to die for! And that sand... oh, that sand! Brilliantly white, warm but not hot, welcoming, cosy... that amazing feeling of freeing my feet from shoes (yes, I do love them and my feet are indeed spoiled in this respect, but still) and enjoying a break I longed for all summer!

I had a difficult summer... work was most overwhelming, relationships were totally confusing (to say the least...), health could surely have been better... not to mention the idiot who crashed on me in the motorway... but now all that was bad is about 8000km away and I’m here in this peaceful, wonderfully beautiful corner of the world! And I can finally rest my mind and my body, away from everything that stresses me... at least for the next two weeks 😉

Saturday, 20 July 2019

dancing to your own tune...

Yesterday, I was having a conversation over lunch with my friend M and we were talking about life as such and choices and, you know, single middle-aged women’s stuff and I said at some point that the unconventional is confusing for most people... but, I would not dance to anyone else’s tune!

The choice many women make nowadays to not live a conventional life (study something “sensible”, get married in your thirties with a man you cannot stand by the time you are in your forties, work until you have 1.8 kids, or whatever the European average is these days, and then quit your job to take care of them, have an unbearable mortgage, an SUV and two weeks of utterly exhausting holidays every year, usually with parents and/or in-laws... that kind of stuff...) is really a puzzle to most people, women and men.
And it is understandable. We humans learn to deal with what we are used to encountering in our lives but with the things we rarely come across, we get confused... we don’t know how to behave around them... we are often scared of them... Unconventional women are not common although, it makes me very happy to report, we are more and more every day!

But ok, we are still a small minority and very often people get confused by our life choices... by my life choices... because they cannot “put me in a box” to feel good about the marvellous order in their heads... yeah, you know, fine by me, I’m not the problem, they are! I don’t want to be in a box until I’m dead.... and even then, just throw me in the incinerator, no box necessary! In reality, I’m sort of ok when people “don’t get me”, most of the times I myself don’t get people! But that’s ok too! I just keep living my life the way I want! Besides, isn’t it the saddest thing to live your life the way others feel more comfortable with?! Isn’t it the saddest thing to try to please everyone else but yourself?! We only have one life! One! What a terrible waste it would be to live it the way others want us to, instead of the way we want to live it!

So, I dance to my own tune and, I tell you, it is better than shoes!