Friday, 26 August 2016

Writing... better than shoes!

For quite a while, more than a year actually, I have been silent as far as this blog goes... Not because good things did not happen, no, that would be a lie... No, there have been some "better than shoes" experiences, not many admittedly but some... I have enjoyed the most delicious rabbit rag├╣ made with love by my partner and me (not to brag but yes, just devine, darlings!... perhaps worthy of a special post...) I have enjoyed sunny afternoons in the city in the company of dear friends, I have travelled far, far away to South East Asia and I have laughed at great jokes... But I did not share... I selfishly kept the good stuff just for myself...

For months I have been trying to figure out why... I'm not sure yet... Most probably though because I have, lately, associated writing with work only... I mean, my work has always been to write, partly, however lately work has become so hectic, so demanding and constantly under pressure that after leaving the office I just did not have the energy to pick up the iPad and share with you the good things... I have been simply exhausted... Frustrated rather... And that took away my appetite for writing... Also, maybe, I just needed to be selfish with the (few) good stuff I had going, keep them close to me because of a hell of a lot more bad stuff happening! Yeah, let's say for about a year the going has gotten tougher than tough... I guess I forgot that sharing the joy only makes it bigger!

But writing is one of my greatest and oldest loves! I can't remember even when I started putting thoughts on paper, pouring my heart out so that it would not burst from all the emotions that overwhelmed my teenage self! Oh, the hours spent over a note book! You know, the old-fashioned kind, without a keyboard... And it helped me so much! At the time I would not share these thoughts with anyone but after I started this blog I discovered the beauty of reaching out, the smile that your occasional comment would put on my face, the link that appeared to be timidly forming between you and me... And for the last year or so, I missed that! 

So I'm back! With the promise not to let my work block me anymore, not to feel so tired that I deprive myself of the pleasure of this kind of writing that lifts my spirit and helps me remember that we should, indeed, enjoy our lives and not just live them ;) 

Ps. I'm still dyslexic... So, enjoy the funny typos too...

Friday, 8 May 2015

Random acts of kindness...

Well, obviously I  had heard the term before and how people said those actually make you feel good when performed... but I could not pinpoint exactly what it meant, I mean I never really googled it (as you do)... And then, I did it... I performed a random act of kindness and I got it, what's all about!

A couple of month ago, the winter being still strong and me shivering as, well, almost half of every year, I was on my way to my Pilates session, two tram stops away from my house. Wrapped in my dawn coat and scarf, my ankles stupidly unprotected by the cold evening wind due to silly shortish leggings, I get in the tram and I take a seat. Then, a gentleman in (perhaps) his late fifties comes in, limping and supporting himself by a crutch, tries to reach the seat in front of me but kinda stumbles and I instinctively get up to help him gain back his balance and sit down. 

He thanks me, that much I totally understood, and then starts talking to me, most probably about what happened to his injured led... Now, my Dutch is not excellent, I am capable of holding a conversation, say, at a shop or at the dry cleaner's, but for the life of me I have no idea what that man was saying to me for the 5 minutes that our common tram ride lasted! Could be his accent, could be my brain having shut down after a long day at work, I don't know... point is, I did not understand a word he said!

Instead, I sat there, smiling and nodding every now and then, hopping that he would not realise my ignorance and that... he would continue talking! Because he really looked like he needed to talk! And I, with no need whatsoever to hear that which I could not understand anyway, I listened. 

When I wished him a nice evening and to get well soon (that much I could do) and got out of the tram, I felt like a million bucks! Truly! I mean, in reality, I had done nothing, I just listened to a stranger vent off about his troubles for a while, but it felt so good! So meaningful! A random act of kindness! And it was better than shoes! 

Wednesday, 29 April 2015


...hurt! That is if you abuse them the way I have been abusing mine for the last four days! While I take a break in my first night in Tokyo, and after having already visited Osaka, Kobe and Kyoto, I thought it was a good moment to praise feet! No, don't laugh, feet are better than shoes!!

I must have walked roughly around  a million kilometres (ok, more like 60 but you get my drift...) in the last four days, underground, above ground, in the city, up the hills, down the hills, in airports and train stations and, boy, do I feel it! I was here in Japan 8 years ago and it pains me to admit that these 8 years have taken their toll on me... Yes, I do Pilates twice a week now and I have lost weight but I have gotten old... No, seriously... I have gotten old! And so have my feet... I put my sneakers on in the morning and when I take them off at the end of the day, I swear I can hear my feet saying "really?! want us to take you to the bathroom now?!... on top of the day we had?! Ungreatfull b*tch!" And, word of honour, once I take the shoes off, there's no way I can but them back on, not if I had to run for my life... Well, technically I would not be able to run anywhere at those moments (ok, hours)... or walk anywhere, to be frank...

So no, I'm not ungrateful, I'm writing this (and I wish my feet could read it) to honour my loyal feet that have taken me everywhere I wanted to go for the last forty something years and thank them from the bottom of my heart for always being there for me! Even when they really don't want to. Even when I do have to go to the bathroom at the end of a full day of tourism in Kyoto... I promise to treat them to a fancy pedicure as soon as I'm back home and to try to give them a rest every now and then... like right now... And I do want to repeat, and firmly put it on record, that feet are better than shoes! So, dear people, take care of your feet, love them, rest them and... treat them to nice pairs of shoes, of course ;)