Friday 28 January 2022

a long walk…

During these past two years, or maybe a little longer, I came close to losing my mind quite a few times… I’m sure you all can relate to that, we all have been fighting with everything we’ve got not to go completely bananas… fear, anxiety, loneliness, loss, despair, boredom and pressure at the same time… personally, I managed to keep my marbles (or most of them…) thanks to my cat and the long walks I have been taking around the city. Now, of course I have talked about Lucifer being the true light bearer in my life (and I’m not done talking… just so you know…) so let’s talk “walking” today  😊

I started walking more or less when the madness started, little by little after I had stopped for many years… various reasons for that really… I mean I would walk around at work or on holidays for tourism and for shopping and stuff, but not to really “walk”, you know? Merely for the pleasure of just walking, I mean. But when we found ourselves stuck at home, with the city practically a ghost town, with no shops or cafés open and being totally afraid to be around people who could carry “the virus”, walking around the city on my own became the only thing that would keep me sane! The cold, fresh air would help me clear my head from work stuff (working from home was very hard for me in the beginning), give me time to think on personal matters and would keep me moving a bit so that I don’t just crash on the sofa like a sack of very, very sad potatoes. And it was so good, I became addicted to it! I would go out for a walk even at 6am or with subzero temperatures! 

And then, it got better! I started meeting up with my best friends for a “walk n’ chat”! I think my excitement was contagious (not unlike “the virus”). Weekdays usually with S, after we finished our work, and on the weekends with M! And life had a meaning again, I was socialising! And we would just spend two, three hours walking and talking, pouring our hearts out, curse and laugh and be ridiculous or miserable, but being together! I discovered the city I live in for such a very long time and, truthfully, I didn’t know! And the thing is, it’s beautiful! In every season! And yes, my feet do hurt after a 14 km walk, a distance that’s not unusual, because in my mind I’m a 26yo but my body… is 22 years older! But hey, who cares? My heart is full of joy! I rest for a day and then I’m back on my feet, literally! And when these lovely walks can be combined with a cup of coffee somewhere or a nice lunch with my dear friends, oh, I’m in heaven! I need nothing more, really! 

So, walking around: better than shoes? Absolutely! But… do wear proper footwear, ok? 😉

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