Sunday 13 February 2022

saturday morning coffee

Right. So, despite the fact that I still have to work for a living, I have adopted the lifestyle of a senior citizen. I wake up between 5:30 and 6:00 (and I start working right away, sweater over pyjamas, high bun and all… I make an effort, you see…), I almost never eat after 17:00 because, ahem, indigestion, and I go to bed at 20:00 with a camomile tea, ready to fall asleep about an hour later and wake up the next day and do it all over again. Granted, two to three times a week I also walk 10-14k that I’m guessing would be a tad too much if I were 78 instead of 48 years old… perhaps… and I don’t say “in my time…” very often, only every now and then… but otherwise, totes senior citizen!

And while this lifestyle may sound boring to death, it actually works for me and I’m passed that phase in my life that I actually gave a s**t about whether others approve of my choices… unless they pay my bills, I pay them bitches no mind (as Ru Paul’s mom always said). True that!! Now… what was I saying?…Yes. Senior citizen lifestyle. Not only it works but it also offers me some great pleasures! Like my Saturday (very early indeed…) mornings. I’ll explain and you’ll see.

I recently started drinking coffee again, hadn’t done it in over a decade. And I really like it! But as I don’t need it to function, like, to get my brain to work, a cappuccino for me is part of my relaxation routine, either on weekend mornings or when I’m out with a friend and we slowly sip and chat. Saturday morning is the best because it is when I first manage to unwind from the working week. So I’m back to loving coffee. Also, I love watching “The Graham Norton Show”! I know! Who doesn’t?? Best guests, best interviews, best fun!  But obviously I cannot watch it live on the BBC every Friday night because it airs almost when I’m about to wake up! So I record it. And when I wake up a few hours later on Saturday morning, there it is, all ready waiting for me! I get up, put some lactose free milk for Lucifer (otherwise he will attack the airoccino the little glutton…) and make my really large cappuccino, sprinkled with cinnamon and accompanied by a piece of cake or almond roles. I take everything back to bed, put on Graham and enjoy my coffee with Luci lying next to me on the bed, both purring with delight… ahhhh… honestly, even the crappiest of weeks feel much better when they end up on such a Saturday morning! “Better the shoes” without a doubt!! 

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