Sunday 15 December 2013

the party...

...was better than shoes!!

Better than my newly acquired Fendi sandals that kept me dancing for about three hours straight! And no, I will not lie, my feet are killing me now but it's 2:21 in the morning and I still have some stamina left to write this post... and in the words of the ever so wonderful Pharrell Williams' "Happy", which by the way is the best song of the year for me, I am happy :)

I usually stay very little at the office Christmas party. Like Cinderella I arrive late (ok, admittedly because there's "Strictly" on TV and I could never in my right mind miss the semi final... please...) and I disappear before midnight in fear that my MINI is going to turn into a pumpkin and my Hervé Leger into my saggy sweatpants... But not this year! Though I did arrive late (you know why...) I did stay until late, dancing my heart out with my best friends, mingling, circulating, seeing and being seen and having a great, great time!

And yes, it is still the office party and it is still the same place and the same people but at the end of the day it is the mood that counts and I was in a good mood and so were my friends and it was special! And ok, the DJ was arguably the worst ever but even so, he did play my sons in the end I danced it feeling happy and clapping along ;) One can chose to have fun and so I did. It was the perfect way to finish my working year, as of yesterday I'm officially on holidays, and start the party season! Even if I don't have a night like this in the couple of weeks to come, my batteries are certainly charged ;)

Monday 2 December 2013

one's own traditions...

So, here we are again! It's Christmas time! And if you have been reading this blog for some time, you know by now that this is MY time! The time of the year when I allow myself all the bling-bling and the silly songs' singing (yes, I have already sang Mariah's hymn for the first time this year... and will continue all the way to the 25th ;) and the overeating and the musicals on TV... I allow myself to become a child again during this time of the year, or -more correctly- as someone with a very adult-like childhood, I just allow myself to be a child!

Last Saturday, even before December came in through the front door, I set up the Christmas tree! Every year, I reserve a special day for this task (hardly a task in reality since I enjoy it so much) when I start with the decorations, continue with a full afternoon watching Christmas films and end up in the evening with "Strictly Come Dancing" (yes, I am a proud fan of the ball room extravaganza... and I can prove its better-than-shoes-ness ;) And this is my tradition! All mine and though admittedly it does not enjoy universal acknowledgement (yet...) still it is the most special to me!

This year my special day was even better! Yes, it is possible and it did happen! Because not only I was offered a special Christmas songs spotify list, not only I did my decorating while getting praise all the time but I was also treated to the best hot chocolate ever, full of booze and love and prepared while I was jumping up and down full of joy and Christmas ornaments!

And yes, it was 100 times better than shoes and I will cherish it for ever along with the hope that next year my private tradition day will be at least just as good ;)

Thursday 28 November 2013

no shoes day...

No, I do see the irony, I really do... In a blog called "better than shoes", dedicated to those things in life which compared to a pair of Louboutins come first, comes a post with the title "no shoes day..."

But the truth of it is that no matter how much I love shoes, and believe me I DO LOVE them, and no matter how many pairs of those I own (last time I started counting them I gave up before I had to go to the basement storage to inventory the ones that are sleeping there...), there comes a time that all that matters is one day, just one day, that I do not have to put them on! That I can treat my feet to a bath maybe and then just have my slippers on for the whole day!

My weekends are quiet.... boring even... I don't like to go out on Saturday night and usually I'm exhausted from running errands all day. My greatest pleasure is staying in, especially during the loooooong winter months, cosy on the sofa, a cup of tea, a good film and the love of my life next to me... Bliss!!! And for my feet, nothing but these beauties:

I know, I know, not sexy, not awesome, not spectacular, childish and funny even,  but goodness me they are comfy! And If I have to walk on Stella's towering platform boots all week, I certainly deserve these over the weekend, don't I ;)

Friday 15 November 2013

warm, November sun!

Sitting on my chair in the office, my back hurts like hell as apparently I did something wrong during my Pilates class last night (or last week... don't remember...), I had a migraine all night and slept miserably, I need to finish this case today otherwise I will be stressed all weekend and all in all, I should feel like s**t.... but, there's the thing, I don't!! I really don't!

Why? Because the warm, November sun is up in the sky and sends generously his brilliant rays through my window to warm up my back and my face and my heart! And I realise that it really takes very little for a person to have a moment of sheer bliss, a moment when all the bad is gone and forgotten and maybe, just maybe, we can believe it won't come back :) But even if the bad returns, this moment here, right now, is full of good! It's precious! And this is a moment of happiness!

I have been under the weather for some time and this has been reflected in the absence of any posts lately... I have promised that I will only write about good stuff in this blog and I will keep my promise, so be patient with me through my periods of silence and remember that I always recover and come back to you.

I am an optimist by nature and always looking out for anything that can put a smile on my face so that I can also share it with you and perhaps put a smile on your faces as well. Today's treat is the sun! So if the sun is shinning in your part of the world, enjoy it, absorb his healing powers and take a moment to appreciate life.

Isn't that "better than shoes"? Believe you me, it's better than my new Fendi sandals ;)

Wednesday 2 October 2013

my bicycle!

My bicycle is all black but not shiny at all because that would make it look like a giant patent leather sandal which would be silly. My bicycle has a steering wheel with handbrakes (because who ever came up with the idea of pedalling backwards to stop a bike must have been a nut case...) and a little bell to let people know that I'm coming... not that that is going to save them...

My bicycle has two bags hanging to put stuff in but not a lot of stuff like supermarket shopping and all... just small stuff. My bicycle is the right size for me and my feet do get to touch the ground and I like it like this because it is true that one never forgets to ride a bike but it is also true that one forgets (after 20 years...) how to turn and stop and indicate directions etc. So it is good to be able to put feet on ground when riding a bike. To avoid falling if possible.

My bike is a bit of a mid-life crisis trophy but I do not care because I like my bike and I also already did the two seats cabrio in my youth (ok, not so much youth but I already did it...), I already exercise and I do not feel a real crisis coming so I guess it is  all right. And when I ride and feel free and I have the wind in my hair I don't even remember to worry about the bugs that might get in my open-in-a-big-smile mouth.

My bicycle is better than shoes. I like my bicycle!

Thursday 12 September 2013


What a summer! I mean, really, what a summer this has been... I wish I could go on writing about the lovely dinners on the balcony or the drinks out in the open with friends, or my new bicycle (in fact, this may deserve a full post on its own... I may get back to it...) or about how great it has been wearing sandals and sun dresses for almost two months... But this post is about something else. It's about awareness.

Last month I was diagnosed with skin cancer. I got the news by phone and I have to tell you the word alone, the "big C" word, even when it is only the less bad kind it can possibly be, it has a weight that is very difficult to describe. I was overwhelmed. I did spend a weekend being overly sarcastic about my situation, desperately trying to laugh about what was not all funny... Then, the practicalities took over, the removal surgery was scheduled and I went (finally) on holidays. I would be lying if I were to say that it ever left my mind... a week of rain in the north of Africa did not help either... But I tried.

Two days ago I had the surgery. Though I remain worried about the scar it will leave, the little bugger having lived on my decolletage for some time now, I focus on the fact that I have been cancer free for these two days and I surely hope it will continue like this for many, many, many years!

Having been aware of my condition was frightening. Going to the doctor, having the biopsy, it all was daunting. But I do prefer a thousand times better to have known and treated as quickly as possible. My point being: choose awareness! Choose to have the regular tests, choose to have the exams, choose this type of fear of knowledge as the other kind, the kind which comes following the alternative behavior of avoidance is, I bet you, far far worse!

So, do not hesitate, if something looks and/or feels weird on your body, go check it out. Be aware. It can save your life. Which, no doubt about it, is better than shoes ;)

Wednesday 10 July 2013


The summer has finally come to this part of the world I live in... Kinda late but, oh well, water under the bridge :) So I have had my fair share of sunshine, of dinning out with friends and enjoyed a drink on the terrace next to my house (location is everything...). And on Sunday morning I had my coffee on my balcony, a dream coming true, and I kept a big smile on my face thinking that life, oh life (to borrow the words of a beautiful song) is good...

And all this would have been my "better than shoes" subject of this post... Unfortunately life is also unpredictable... On Monday a colleague ended his life by falling out of a window at work... I will not go into details, little importance do they have... A life was lost though and that is what is important... You might say that by the time you finish reading this thousands of people will have died and you will be right, his life is not more important than any other. But also not less important. You might also say that this is not a positive thing to share, certainly not the kind I have promised to share with you from this blog. I will agree with you. 

Life, though, IS better than shoes, and sometime we forget how much better than anything else, we take everything for granted right after we open our eyes in the morning, we breath, we live and we don't even notice it sometimes... Then something happens and it reminds us the value of life, it makes us think again how precious is this gift we have been given. The gift of living and loving and laughing and crying and hurting even... The gift of being... And that needs to be noted. 

I feel exactly that way since Monday. Granted, this is not only what I feel but the rest is really not appropriate for this post, it's pretty grim. So, I make this effort to focus on the bright side, even if only for the sake of this post, to celebrate life, to go back to my Sunday morning feeling of "life is good" and to remind to all of you to live before you die ;) 

Saturday 29 June 2013

the theater... better than shoes! Obviously, from a Greek who has drama written in her DNA and who's been known to be a queen of it herself, you would no expect anything different ;)

I miss the theater! The fact is that I live here in the lower lands for almost 13 years now and I must confess that I do not enjoy the idea of a theater play where actors speak Dutch... My knowledge of the language would allow me to follow the plot (even if not completely) but I do not enjoy the sound of the language... so I avoid it...

Yes, I do miss it and I realize how much when I have the opportunity to watch a play... or a musical... or both ;) As expected, my recent trip to New York provided for this too. I was lucky enough to see "Vanya and Sonia and Macha and Spike" on the day that it actually won this year's Tony Award for Best Play and, boy, was it worth it! Amazing, true, heartfelt, memorable performances, a story parts of which deeply touched my heart and... Sigourney Weaver! I have had a crush on her since the last Alien... ;) And all that with discounted last minute tickets!

But that was not all, I also went to see "The book of Mormon", the best musical I have ever seen, opinion that a lot of people share with me apparently given the 7 Tony Awards it has won! That was something!!! The most controversial, caustic, blasphemous even story, which I found most incredibly smart and amusing, the wonderful production with great music and lyrics (those were some lyrics, I tell you...) and dancing and the beautiful voices and performances of the cast, all that made it an unforgetable experience!! And on my birthday on top of it!!

Now, I am not a theater critic, in fact I have a rather limited knowledge of it and my words fail me when it comes to describing this type of experiences but I know what I like when I see it. And if I like it a lot, but really a lot, then I think of it as "better than shoes" and I share it with you. And I strongly recommend it. Like in this case ;)

Thursday 20 June 2013

a walk in the park...

...well, ok, it was a bit more that just a walk... but then again this is so much more than just a park! It is the Central Park! And it is better than shoes!

This feeling of absolute tranquillity and quiet, the zen of being surrounded by skyscrapers but at the same time finding oneself  in the greenest of the sceneries, is just amazing! I have had the same feeling in Tokyo, in the Rikugi-en garden years ago and it felt so good to relive it... and in a much bigger scale if I may say so! After all, this is US of A, everything there is bigger than anywhere else in the world, right? ;)

The park is huge and pretty and in every corner (and mind you, I think I've been in literally every corner... or at least it felt like it after a good total of about 5 hours of walking...) you might discover something interesting... Get a map, it will help you a lot as eventually you will get lost in it, and choose a sunny but not too warm day to spend there.
If you like spots, plenty of space for it and surely a great place to get to see a softball game and try to figure out the rules if you are not an American; if you like to walk and run or even ride your bike, well, by all means the best place to be; if you like calming views over the water, for sure you have them in abundance; if you like to lay on the grass and just feel the sun, just bring a towel and you are ready; if you like the buzz and the people laughing and being in a great mood, go towards the Boathouse (if you like turtles, look for them in the water); if you want to see a real obelisk, there you go; if you ever wanted to take a horse&carriage tour, go ahead; if you like a piece of modern history and memories, go visit the Strawberry Fields, for sure it will warm up your hear to just... "imagine" ;)

There is something for everyone in the Central Park. I loved it and I am convinced my visit there was worth all the blisters I got on my feet! And if you want to have the complete feeling, grab a hamburger or hot-dog from any street vendor and go have your lunch sitting on a bench, or the grass, in the park... better yet, combine it with a visit to any of the museums on both its sides (east and west) and you are in for a very, very pleasant day! But start early, the city never sleeps and neither should you when you are there ;)

Wednesday 19 June 2013

burgers and shakes...

Still a bit jet lagged... Back from New York only for 4 days and I miss it so much I started planning the next trip there already!!!

My second visit has been about 37 times better than the first one! Mainly because it was without the terrible flight to get there and the stress and the quarrels and the allergic reaction which led to the elephant foot (long story...) and the boat ride (nearly the worst 3 hours of my life...),  all things that I prefer to forget when reminiscing my first time in the city that never sleeps. No, this time it was perfect!!! And after almost a week of "better than shoes" experiences, I have so much to share with you and I am thrilled to do so... plus, it has been pointed out to me that I have not blogged for ages... rightfully so ;)

So I will start with the first "better that shoes" thing which I enjoyed there: the "Shake Shack"!!! Now, please do not dismiss it as trivial (yeah, yeah, you went to the States and you had a good hamburger, big deal...) because it is all but that. Details: On my way there and while I was enjoying an amazing flight upgraded very reasonably to the business class, I watched Antony Bourdain's show about a layover in NY where he said that the best burgers are to be found in the "Shake Shack". Now, imagine the coincidence that I get to my hotel and right next door, literally, there it is!

First dinner there. Queue for 15' (starting even outside the shack) and another 10' after ordering already made it hardly a fast food... To get a table there, is a quest but, as for the queue you have to endure because after the ordeal is over and you get your order in front of you and you sink you teeth in that juicy, delicious, succulent burger and you accompany that with fries with melted cheese on top and you wash it all down with a sip of their amazing original lemonade, ohhhhhh heavens!!!! What a burger! The meat is seasoned to perfection, the lettuce crunchy, the tomato juicy and the sauce, really saucy ;)

Obviously this was not the only time I dinned there, needless to say that I did try also the shakes that are divine too and I do admit I had a dose of their nectar even at the airport right before I boarded to come back... Yep, as you suspected, there are countless calories in those babies but NY has so many things to see and do that no worries, they are all nicely burnt while walking around enjoying yourselves ;)


Wednesday 8 May 2013

moments of happines...

I have said it many times before, I'm sure I have written here too, that in my view happiness is not a constant state one can find themselves at some point in their lives. I do not believe that the pursuit of happiness can ever be fruitful because happiness as such, as in a beautiful rose garden that one can finally arrive at, well, doesn't exist.  What I believe we get to have is moments of happiness and the more we have the better our lives feel. And we need to train ourselves to see these moments, to not let them pass unfelt, to appreciate them no matter how brief they might be.

So that's how I live my life. I go to work every morning, some days are good and productive, some days are hell and drain the energy out of me completely, some days I am bored, some days I am full of will. Then I go run errands, supermarket, dry cleaners, chores and the mundane just like every other working woman, no more no less. And then I get to be home, make some dinner, some times really dragging myself to do that, sometimes with a bit more brio (usually on Fridays that is..) and finally, after the kitchen is cleaned and all is done,  I get to sit and relax with my partner.

That's my favourite moment of the day, right there. My moment of sheer happiness. When all the chores are done, when the worries of the day fade away, when the TV is on and we are watching something good or we get to catch up on our social networks, both with an iPad on our hands, but always cuddled up on the sofa together, safe, comfortable, cosy, that, right then and there is my bliss! I do not need anything more you see... These are my everyday "better than shoes" moments. And I treasure them! More than any shoe I could possibly treasure ;)

Sunday 5 May 2013


...may be better than shoes ;)

I am a person who has been cursed to suffer in anticipation many, many, really more times than I can count on... I start to think about the worse possible scenario, play it in my head in every bloody detail, stress, think even more about my stress and analyze the crap out of it until the actual moment when the event (whichever it may be) materializes and... everything blows off... because it has been so huge in my head it can only be smaller in reality...

But, on the other hand, I am a person who can take immense pleasure in anticipation as well (ok, there might be sexual innuendo in what I just wrote, scratch that out please, I don't even know exactly what it is much less mean it so forget about it... please...).

Where was I?... Right, enjoying anticipating things. Yes. I have been known to smile at least two days before my school field trips as a child as I would be so excited about them. And parties, later. And holidays. Holidays really the most as I (being the control freak I am) try to book them long in advance and then I spend weeks, months fantasizing about them and having such great time in the mere thought of how great it will be! Oh, I can be like a child in these things, not sleeping the night before my voyage due to my excitement (and the fear I will not hear the alarm clock as it happened when I was leaving for my first holiday alone, age 15, destination France... made it just... true story!)

So, yes, I my opinion anticipation of good things is a good thing on its own merit, a great thing, a "better than shoes" thing... it's being happy about the potential to be happy, it's the extension of happiness therefore... thoughts? ;)

Monday 18 March 2013

better than any shoe...

... I have ever seen in my life, better than all the Manolos and all the Choos and all the red soled masterpieces and even better than Alaia's works of art (as most of them are so much more than just shoes), better than all that is "Derek"!!!

And if you are not yet familiar with Ricky Gervais' latest creation, you should be! I saw the season's finale today (and, sadly, it has been a very short season...) and I'm still smiling while the tears have not yet dried in my eyes... Never before have I seen, on TV mind you, something so profound and simple and true and sweet and moving and hopeful and unforgettable! For me, it has been like everything I ever hoped still exists in us, humans, everything good, personified in one TV character, one fictional person who is... nice!!! Really nice, without trying to be nice but just by simply choosing to be!

I'm not religious and I have tried to live my life following this very basic rule of "be nice". Derek follows the same rule, he IS nice. To everyone! Even to those who have hurt him. Especially to those... and what an example this sets, my goodness! He and his special smile spreading the word that we don't need any mass theory or religion or movement to teach us (or force us with the threat of a purgatory...) to be nice to each other, we just need to choose it! Simple as that!

I have enjoyed every minute of these six episodes of a series I thought was going to be very different... Well, ok, I did not know what to expect (though I have been following Gervais' work and I'm a fan... or because of that...) but surely I was not expecting such honesty of emotions, such depth of characters, such sensitivity for the elderly, such love for life and such kindness... I was though expecting great humour and also of that, "Derek" has plenty! But it's not because of that that I have come to love it, it's because of all the rest that it has to offer... That "he" has to offer ;)

See the series... You will know what I mean better than my poor words can describe... 

Friday 15 March 2013

of snow and hope...

I struggled a lot with myself as to whether I should be writing this or not... mainly because I am not at all in the mood to praise anything or anyone right now but, quite the contrary, I wish I could just storm in a river of expletives about this terrible winter and the snow that falls again!! Again!!! Mid-March and we are still freezing our bottoms here, still wearing the heaviest coats and the warmest boots and the scarves and the hats and still, at this time of the year, we have not seen any flower growing, how could they, the moment their little heads came out of the dirt, they got covered in the white of their death...

Yep, not a good mood this one of mine... But then I thought "ok, let's try to turn this around"... hmmmm... Then I remember a Dutch colleague of mine who said to me a couple of days ago "the worse the winter, the better the summer" or something like that, you get my point.... So, if he is right, there is this hope, almost a promise, that we will get a marvellous summer this year, isn't there? And this, for sure, would be better than shoes! And it would also allow us to wear some of this year's gorgeous sandals, wouldn't it? Double the benefit!

I never thought I would be fed up with the snow, it was always such a rare treat in my childhood that I had come to idealise it. But now I'm really tired of it and I want it to stop, I want the winter to come to an end and I want to stop covering myself up in multiple layers (much like an onion...) every time I go out of the house... I feel miserable and my cold induced misery is only brightened by the hope of a bright, long, warm, sunny summer! In the absence of anything better to write about, and feeling all the more now the need to focus on the positive, I choose to make this my "better than shoes" subject this time: my hope for summer! Word of honour, just the thought of it puts a smile on my face ;)

Wednesday 27 February 2013

my man.... better than shoes! Any shoes! Better than the new season's Marc Jacobs Mary Janes, for the savvy ones ;) And, if you remember (if you don't, you may read my first ever post in this blog) this is how it all started. He was the reason for starting this blog. And now, so many years later and still together, I want to dedicate one more post to him for all that he has done for me this past few days... for having been the most wonderful "care taker" ever :)

One week post-op, fear free by now (yep, no more of that horrid feeling of the unknown) and I gave my first, very proud, non-crutches steps last night! I would be a liar if I said that I have suffered a lot from this operation. The pain has been very tolerable, so has the discomfort, and having returned home from the hospital on the same day, really did wonders for my mental health. However, as you can imagine, I have been in need of a lot of help these past days. And I  had it!

Taken to and from the hospital so I wouldn't feel alone, meals being shopped and prepared for me (and as always extremely delicious) so that I did not have to stress for nothing, the best company I could ask for and loads of films and TV series to watch so I don't get bored and even help to take a much appreciated shower a couple of days after the procedure (mind you, first time ever it has been this long... and has been repeated since, I'm not an animal, people), I cannot begin to express how grateful I am!

For a man who does not have a high tolerance for sickness, since also he hardly ever gets sick himself, my better half has been magnificent with me! Patient and carrying and worrying not to leave me alone for more than a couple of hours for the first days, even being on stand-by at the hospital to come to me as soon as was back in the room after the operation (and, yes, seeing his face at that moment was priceless for me), and not laughing (a lot...) every time I would carry around under my sweater that pillow I used for my leg (carrying things around while on crutches is tricky...)  he has been all I ever needed and more!

I know that he will feel embarrassed when he reads this but... I really needed to tell him how I feel and I'm better expressing those things in writing than verbally... Besides, he genuinely deserves this post, he is after all and always be "better than shoes" ;)

Tuesday 5 February 2013

admit it... you are scared... and it's ok :)

It's been a while since I last wrote a word... I have been somewhat under the weather... I will explain.

I have a torn meniscus... again... it has been 25 years since I had my left knee operated for similar reasons and, believe you me, it was by far the worst experience of my life! It is true what they say about childhood traumas, they are the hardest to get rid of and I am pretty sure I have not managed to get rid of mine... yep, still carry it with me... I would not be able to avoid whining if I were to start telling you about all the different ways that operation has affected my life... So I will stop here.

I will tell you however that I am scared s***less about having to undergo surgery in the right knee too now... yes, scared to the bone (does this expression actually exists??) and it is the first time in my life I am admitting it so openly! And to all of you! There, I said it: I'm scared! What a relief! Also for the first time in  my life I feel that... it actually is ok :) I mean, I know, fear is not one of the good feelings, unlike love and joy we usually don't welcome it, there is rarely a "goodness me man, I feel so scared, it's so cool!!" being phrased and nobody has sang in an major tune "I feel scared, I feel scared" while dancing smiling in the sunlight...

But, it's ok... It really is ok to be scared as long as you don't let it scare you off... It is better than shoes to admit fear and just... go on with life ;)
What I mean is that I will not let it stop me from going through the operation (luckily, I will not have a lot to do during...) and though I will not be embracing the fear for the next two weeks (ewww... cliché and silly... I don't embrace things I don't like...) I will just take it with me as I walk into that hospital and I will leave it there when I walk (or... roll) out of it.

Until then ;)

Ps. no, in case you were wondering, I will not be riding any cable carts this year, facing this one major fear is good for the next decade... ;)

Wednesday 9 January 2013

Blogging is better than shoes!!!

When I started this blog, some 5 years ago, I never thought I would stick to it... I mean, I have had my share of drop-outs in my life and there was that gym membership I bought for a full year and then I only went once so I was secretly afraid that I would just give this up a few months down the road too... But I didn't! And I came to loving it so much! And it certainly isn't for the money it makes me -not a cent all this time- or the fame, I still remain mostly anonymous and I'm quite happy with this. No, this is not me cooking Julia Child's recipes and having thousands of hits everyday...

But what it is it's me sharing my life! Trying to focus on the positive things in my life and trying to make my small difference in this world by hopefully inspiring another person, yes, even if only one, perhaps helping another person or making them laugh or think or disagree with me or just keeping them company... It's not much but it is my little stone in helping build a more humane society and also my way of helping myself  from not becoming really depressed and bitter and disappointed of my life.

And every now and then I get a lovely comment here, some wishes, a thank you perhaps and it brightens my rainy days, it puts a smile on my face and it makes me feel I'm not alone, I'm not a lunatic blabbering about my oven or my trips or my thoughts... and for those moments I'm eternally grateful!! It's such a warm feeling I can not really describe... It's better than any red sole anyone could possibly own... Better than any pair of shoes, I guarantee you ;) 

Tuesday 8 January 2013

back to work...

Please, do not dismiss it immediately... I mean, I know, going back to work after (long) holidays is not per se "better than shoes"... I know we all would very much like to still be on the sofa with a classic film on the TV (my favourite for these Xmas was "Singing in the rain"), good company, a nice big bowl of chocolates at hand's length and not a worry in the world, not even for those damn chocolates that will stay with me at least until Easter (yep, most of them in my thighs....)

I know that going back to work is difficult... but, since it is my first day back to work (and please, do not jump into conclusions that I have been spending it blogging... it is not entirely true...) I thought I try to see the bright side of it and share it with you. Well, for starters, I had to actually get dressed and put some make up on not to mention my spectacular new Jil Sander loafers with the fluo pink stripe that I got from Santa ;) It felt good to get off those sweatpants finally! And then, I got here, kisses and best wishes from all the colleagues who are also my friends (and silence from those who are just colleagues, which, come to think of it is gold...) and smiles and chats. And then breakfast, with my usual suspects, the best company one can have to star the day!

Then, after some work, lunch with my best Greek friend here, first time for 2013, fun, news, gossip, a bit of nagging... ah, this cosy feeling of a warm friendship that is like our favourite blanket, protecting and comforting and so loved! And plans for a coffee later with another good friend, who is also my fashion advisor (she is the one wo made me put a bit of colour in my wardrobe and I thank her for that) and between all that some more work, some urgent things, some administration but ok, no doubt I am keeping it light for the first day.

Now you may still disagree and think that the first day at work after the holidays, plainly sucks... Sorry to hear that, sorry to hear yours is (was) such a bummer but mine, today, is not half bad I tell'ya ;) So, if you are having a bad day, call a friend and have a coffee with them, chat a bit, you might find that your day is not a total disaster after all...

Friday 4 January 2013

my oven rocks!!!

Today's post, dear readers, is dedicated to my oven. I know, most of you are already clicking away from my blog because of that but for the rest who will keep on reading, and for being true to my promise that I will be writing about all the positive things that I encounter in my life in this blog, I will continue...

I have lived for 5 years in a house with no oven... I mean, I did have a poor excuse of a "combi" microwave/oven which was good in neither of these functions!! It would not work properly as a microwave (I normally used a small one I had extra) and it would certainly not work as an oven! It just would not cook the food!! To top it all up, it was so tiny I had to go and buy tiny pans to fit in it which of course would not even accommodate a meal for two... Nightmare... 5 years spent like this... Now, you have to bare in mind that I am Greek!! We love oven roasted food, meat and potatoes and pies and moussaka and baked desserts and so much more... hard... very hard 5 years I tell you...

And now in the new place, I have an oven... a great oven!!! Big and functioning and the type that makes delicious food only by choosing a program and it does the rest of the work! It warms up my bread and makes it so tasty and it cooks a roasted chicken I never had before and I look forward to baking in it and trying all my recipes and... oh, I know, I know this all sounds incredibly trivial but... what is happiness if not a series of happy moments and I have had a lot of them thanks to my oven lately!! And that is better than shoes and it deserves a post! ;)

PS. A very very happy new year to all of you!!