Tuesday 4 December 2007

how it all started...

“Love, I will pay you the best compliment ever... you are better than shoes!!!”
…that’s how it all started.

Any of you fashionistas out there can understand what a great compliment that is!
And indeed, my boyfriend IS better than shoes. He’s sexier than Louboutin’s red soles, discreetly appearing behind stiletto heels, he’s sweeter than Miu Miu’s ballerinas, more precious than Manolo’s mary janes (the “urban myth”…) and when I cuddle next to him it’s more comfortable that Prada’s rubber sole boots! … Not that any of this is of your interest, after all, you all can’t have him, but what the heck, this is my blog and I can write about whatever I want ☺

The point is that there are things that are better than shoes… just very rare! And the quest for them is about as difficult as the quest for the holly grail, if not more difficult given the fact that at least for that there are many clues as to where it can be found… though sometimes they are contradictory… as anything else having to do with religion… anyway, it’s a hard thing!

This intrigues me! And it’s the reason why I started this blog, to try and find things that are really worth in life, things that are better than shoes! Not only things anyone can (or cannot but would love to be able to) buy but experiences, feelings, images, smells, all that puts a smile on our faces and makes us say… “mmmm, that's goooood!!”

I’m an expat, living in The Netherlands… not the interesting part… certainly not the part that the millions of tourist visiting the country every year have at the top of their list… I live in The Hague… yeah, the place with the court and the jail, that’s right!!

Living here is… how to say… mmmm… ah, yes, boring!! So my quest is going to be a challenge… not much to do, not much to see and moreover it rains so much and so often here that I will be stalled many a time and depressed many more. But I commit myself to this, to share with you only the positive, only the things that are, indeed, better than shoes ;)

Ps. Not my boyfriend, mind you, he’s all mine!!

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