Thursday 12 September 2013


What a summer! I mean, really, what a summer this has been... I wish I could go on writing about the lovely dinners on the balcony or the drinks out in the open with friends, or my new bicycle (in fact, this may deserve a full post on its own... I may get back to it...) or about how great it has been wearing sandals and sun dresses for almost two months... But this post is about something else. It's about awareness.

Last month I was diagnosed with skin cancer. I got the news by phone and I have to tell you the word alone, the "big C" word, even when it is only the less bad kind it can possibly be, it has a weight that is very difficult to describe. I was overwhelmed. I did spend a weekend being overly sarcastic about my situation, desperately trying to laugh about what was not all funny... Then, the practicalities took over, the removal surgery was scheduled and I went (finally) on holidays. I would be lying if I were to say that it ever left my mind... a week of rain in the north of Africa did not help either... But I tried.

Two days ago I had the surgery. Though I remain worried about the scar it will leave, the little bugger having lived on my decolletage for some time now, I focus on the fact that I have been cancer free for these two days and I surely hope it will continue like this for many, many, many years!

Having been aware of my condition was frightening. Going to the doctor, having the biopsy, it all was daunting. But I do prefer a thousand times better to have known and treated as quickly as possible. My point being: choose awareness! Choose to have the regular tests, choose to have the exams, choose this type of fear of knowledge as the other kind, the kind which comes following the alternative behavior of avoidance is, I bet you, far far worse!

So, do not hesitate, if something looks and/or feels weird on your body, go check it out. Be aware. It can save your life. Which, no doubt about it, is better than shoes ;)