Wednesday 2 October 2013

my bicycle!

My bicycle is all black but not shiny at all because that would make it look like a giant patent leather sandal which would be silly. My bicycle has a steering wheel with handbrakes (because who ever came up with the idea of pedalling backwards to stop a bike must have been a nut case...) and a little bell to let people know that I'm coming... not that that is going to save them...

My bicycle has two bags hanging to put stuff in but not a lot of stuff like supermarket shopping and all... just small stuff. My bicycle is the right size for me and my feet do get to touch the ground and I like it like this because it is true that one never forgets to ride a bike but it is also true that one forgets (after 20 years...) how to turn and stop and indicate directions etc. So it is good to be able to put feet on ground when riding a bike. To avoid falling if possible.

My bike is a bit of a mid-life crisis trophy but I do not care because I like my bike and I also already did the two seats cabrio in my youth (ok, not so much youth but I already did it...), I already exercise and I do not feel a real crisis coming so I guess it is  all right. And when I ride and feel free and I have the wind in my hair I don't even remember to worry about the bugs that might get in my open-in-a-big-smile mouth.

My bicycle is better than shoes. I like my bicycle!