Thursday 28 November 2013

no shoes day...

No, I do see the irony, I really do... In a blog called "better than shoes", dedicated to those things in life which compared to a pair of Louboutins come first, comes a post with the title "no shoes day..."

But the truth of it is that no matter how much I love shoes, and believe me I DO LOVE them, and no matter how many pairs of those I own (last time I started counting them I gave up before I had to go to the basement storage to inventory the ones that are sleeping there...), there comes a time that all that matters is one day, just one day, that I do not have to put them on! That I can treat my feet to a bath maybe and then just have my slippers on for the whole day!

My weekends are quiet.... boring even... I don't like to go out on Saturday night and usually I'm exhausted from running errands all day. My greatest pleasure is staying in, especially during the loooooong winter months, cosy on the sofa, a cup of tea, a good film and the love of my life next to me... Bliss!!! And for my feet, nothing but these beauties:

I know, I know, not sexy, not awesome, not spectacular, childish and funny even,  but goodness me they are comfy! And If I have to walk on Stella's towering platform boots all week, I certainly deserve these over the weekend, don't I ;)

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