Monday 2 December 2013

one's own traditions...

So, here we are again! It's Christmas time! And if you have been reading this blog for some time, you know by now that this is MY time! The time of the year when I allow myself all the bling-bling and the silly songs' singing (yes, I have already sang Mariah's hymn for the first time this year... and will continue all the way to the 25th ;) and the overeating and the musicals on TV... I allow myself to become a child again during this time of the year, or -more correctly- as someone with a very adult-like childhood, I just allow myself to be a child!

Last Saturday, even before December came in through the front door, I set up the Christmas tree! Every year, I reserve a special day for this task (hardly a task in reality since I enjoy it so much) when I start with the decorations, continue with a full afternoon watching Christmas films and end up in the evening with "Strictly Come Dancing" (yes, I am a proud fan of the ball room extravaganza... and I can prove its better-than-shoes-ness ;) And this is my tradition! All mine and though admittedly it does not enjoy universal acknowledgement (yet...) still it is the most special to me!

This year my special day was even better! Yes, it is possible and it did happen! Because not only I was offered a special Christmas songs spotify list, not only I did my decorating while getting praise all the time but I was also treated to the best hot chocolate ever, full of booze and love and prepared while I was jumping up and down full of joy and Christmas ornaments!

And yes, it was 100 times better than shoes and I will cherish it for ever along with the hope that next year my private tradition day will be at least just as good ;)

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