Sunday 15 December 2013

the party...

...was better than shoes!!

Better than my newly acquired Fendi sandals that kept me dancing for about three hours straight! And no, I will not lie, my feet are killing me now but it's 2:21 in the morning and I still have some stamina left to write this post... and in the words of the ever so wonderful Pharrell Williams' "Happy", which by the way is the best song of the year for me, I am happy :)

I usually stay very little at the office Christmas party. Like Cinderella I arrive late (ok, admittedly because there's "Strictly" on TV and I could never in my right mind miss the semi final... please...) and I disappear before midnight in fear that my MINI is going to turn into a pumpkin and my Hervé Leger into my saggy sweatpants... But not this year! Though I did arrive late (you know why...) I did stay until late, dancing my heart out with my best friends, mingling, circulating, seeing and being seen and having a great, great time!

And yes, it is still the office party and it is still the same place and the same people but at the end of the day it is the mood that counts and I was in a good mood and so were my friends and it was special! And ok, the DJ was arguably the worst ever but even so, he did play my sons in the end I danced it feeling happy and clapping along ;) One can chose to have fun and so I did. It was the perfect way to finish my working year, as of yesterday I'm officially on holidays, and start the party season! Even if I don't have a night like this in the couple of weeks to come, my batteries are certainly charged ;)

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