Monday 18 March 2013

better than any shoe...

... I have ever seen in my life, better than all the Manolos and all the Choos and all the red soled masterpieces and even better than Alaia's works of art (as most of them are so much more than just shoes), better than all that is "Derek"!!!

And if you are not yet familiar with Ricky Gervais' latest creation, you should be! I saw the season's finale today (and, sadly, it has been a very short season...) and I'm still smiling while the tears have not yet dried in my eyes... Never before have I seen, on TV mind you, something so profound and simple and true and sweet and moving and hopeful and unforgettable! For me, it has been like everything I ever hoped still exists in us, humans, everything good, personified in one TV character, one fictional person who is... nice!!! Really nice, without trying to be nice but just by simply choosing to be!

I'm not religious and I have tried to live my life following this very basic rule of "be nice". Derek follows the same rule, he IS nice. To everyone! Even to those who have hurt him. Especially to those... and what an example this sets, my goodness! He and his special smile spreading the word that we don't need any mass theory or religion or movement to teach us (or force us with the threat of a purgatory...) to be nice to each other, we just need to choose it! Simple as that!

I have enjoyed every minute of these six episodes of a series I thought was going to be very different... Well, ok, I did not know what to expect (though I have been following Gervais' work and I'm a fan... or because of that...) but surely I was not expecting such honesty of emotions, such depth of characters, such sensitivity for the elderly, such love for life and such kindness... I was though expecting great humour and also of that, "Derek" has plenty! But it's not because of that that I have come to love it, it's because of all the rest that it has to offer... That "he" has to offer ;)

See the series... You will know what I mean better than my poor words can describe... 

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