Sunday 5 May 2013


...may be better than shoes ;)

I am a person who has been cursed to suffer in anticipation many, many, really more times than I can count on... I start to think about the worse possible scenario, play it in my head in every bloody detail, stress, think even more about my stress and analyze the crap out of it until the actual moment when the event (whichever it may be) materializes and... everything blows off... because it has been so huge in my head it can only be smaller in reality...

But, on the other hand, I am a person who can take immense pleasure in anticipation as well (ok, there might be sexual innuendo in what I just wrote, scratch that out please, I don't even know exactly what it is much less mean it so forget about it... please...).

Where was I?... Right, enjoying anticipating things. Yes. I have been known to smile at least two days before my school field trips as a child as I would be so excited about them. And parties, later. And holidays. Holidays really the most as I (being the control freak I am) try to book them long in advance and then I spend weeks, months fantasizing about them and having such great time in the mere thought of how great it will be! Oh, I can be like a child in these things, not sleeping the night before my voyage due to my excitement (and the fear I will not hear the alarm clock as it happened when I was leaving for my first holiday alone, age 15, destination France... made it just... true story!)

So, yes, I my opinion anticipation of good things is a good thing on its own merit, a great thing, a "better than shoes" thing... it's being happy about the potential to be happy, it's the extension of happiness therefore... thoughts? ;)

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I've been trying to say this post is cool, but Blogger won't let me. So, just so you know, I think this post is cool @T