Wednesday 8 May 2013

moments of happines...

I have said it many times before, I'm sure I have written here too, that in my view happiness is not a constant state one can find themselves at some point in their lives. I do not believe that the pursuit of happiness can ever be fruitful because happiness as such, as in a beautiful rose garden that one can finally arrive at, well, doesn't exist.  What I believe we get to have is moments of happiness and the more we have the better our lives feel. And we need to train ourselves to see these moments, to not let them pass unfelt, to appreciate them no matter how brief they might be.

So that's how I live my life. I go to work every morning, some days are good and productive, some days are hell and drain the energy out of me completely, some days I am bored, some days I am full of will. Then I go run errands, supermarket, dry cleaners, chores and the mundane just like every other working woman, no more no less. And then I get to be home, make some dinner, some times really dragging myself to do that, sometimes with a bit more brio (usually on Fridays that is..) and finally, after the kitchen is cleaned and all is done,  I get to sit and relax with my partner.

That's my favourite moment of the day, right there. My moment of sheer happiness. When all the chores are done, when the worries of the day fade away, when the TV is on and we are watching something good or we get to catch up on our social networks, both with an iPad on our hands, but always cuddled up on the sofa together, safe, comfortable, cosy, that, right then and there is my bliss! I do not need anything more you see... These are my everyday "better than shoes" moments. And I treasure them! More than any shoe I could possibly treasure ;)

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