Saturday 29 June 2013

the theater... better than shoes! Obviously, from a Greek who has drama written in her DNA and who's been known to be a queen of it herself, you would no expect anything different ;)

I miss the theater! The fact is that I live here in the lower lands for almost 13 years now and I must confess that I do not enjoy the idea of a theater play where actors speak Dutch... My knowledge of the language would allow me to follow the plot (even if not completely) but I do not enjoy the sound of the language... so I avoid it...

Yes, I do miss it and I realize how much when I have the opportunity to watch a play... or a musical... or both ;) As expected, my recent trip to New York provided for this too. I was lucky enough to see "Vanya and Sonia and Macha and Spike" on the day that it actually won this year's Tony Award for Best Play and, boy, was it worth it! Amazing, true, heartfelt, memorable performances, a story parts of which deeply touched my heart and... Sigourney Weaver! I have had a crush on her since the last Alien... ;) And all that with discounted last minute tickets!

But that was not all, I also went to see "The book of Mormon", the best musical I have ever seen, opinion that a lot of people share with me apparently given the 7 Tony Awards it has won! That was something!!! The most controversial, caustic, blasphemous even story, which I found most incredibly smart and amusing, the wonderful production with great music and lyrics (those were some lyrics, I tell you...) and dancing and the beautiful voices and performances of the cast, all that made it an unforgetable experience!! And on my birthday on top of it!!

Now, I am not a theater critic, in fact I have a rather limited knowledge of it and my words fail me when it comes to describing this type of experiences but I know what I like when I see it. And if I like it a lot, but really a lot, then I think of it as "better than shoes" and I share it with you. And I strongly recommend it. Like in this case ;)

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