Tuesday 8 January 2013

back to work...

Please, do not dismiss it immediately... I mean, I know, going back to work after (long) holidays is not per se "better than shoes"... I know we all would very much like to still be on the sofa with a classic film on the TV (my favourite for these Xmas was "Singing in the rain"), good company, a nice big bowl of chocolates at hand's length and not a worry in the world, not even for those damn chocolates that will stay with me at least until Easter (yep, most of them in my thighs....)

I know that going back to work is difficult... but, since it is my first day back to work (and please, do not jump into conclusions that I have been spending it blogging... it is not entirely true...) I thought I try to see the bright side of it and share it with you. Well, for starters, I had to actually get dressed and put some make up on not to mention my spectacular new Jil Sander loafers with the fluo pink stripe that I got from Santa ;) It felt good to get off those sweatpants finally! And then, I got here, kisses and best wishes from all the colleagues who are also my friends (and silence from those who are just colleagues, which, come to think of it is gold...) and smiles and chats. And then breakfast, with my usual suspects, the best company one can have to star the day!

Then, after some work, lunch with my best Greek friend here, first time for 2013, fun, news, gossip, a bit of nagging... ah, this cosy feeling of a warm friendship that is like our favourite blanket, protecting and comforting and so loved! And plans for a coffee later with another good friend, who is also my fashion advisor (she is the one wo made me put a bit of colour in my wardrobe and I thank her for that) and between all that some more work, some urgent things, some administration but ok, no doubt I am keeping it light for the first day.

Now you may still disagree and think that the first day at work after the holidays, plainly sucks... Sorry to hear that, sorry to hear yours is (was) such a bummer but mine, today, is not half bad I tell'ya ;) So, if you are having a bad day, call a friend and have a coffee with them, chat a bit, you might find that your day is not a total disaster after all...

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