Thursday 26 November 2009


I was on a "mission" to Munich for two days this week... that's just a fancy way we choose to call business trips where I work... Because we are no "business" but in the service of the public I guess... or something... Whatever the reason for the name, precisely like common business trips, our "missions" too are as boring as can be, as expected as can be, as tiring as can be and (usually...) as unnecessary as can be...  So, really, no need for the change in name, they are essentially the same thing... And though (as can be seen from the opinion just expressed...) I'm not a great fan of them, sometimes we get to visit cool places, like Munich, and -most importantly- sometimes these trips do come with a bonus: reunions!

No... Not the American type of reunions...  like, ten years after leaving high school, going back to show to all those who rejected you back then how much weight you've lost (and not attending the event when, mercilessly,  the weight was gained instead...) or to show off the diamond/rock on the finger -and occasionally the new husband- or the car or the stocks or the plastic surgery... No, those cannot possibly be compared to shoes and prove to be better... I would gladly take a pair of hiking boots (and the hiking along with them..) instead of such a dreadful experience... No,  I'm talking about reuniting with good friends one has not had the pleasure of meeting for a long time!

Two of my best friends moved to Munich a couple of years ago... both of them more or less the same time, a few months apart... and I'm still pissed off with them! I know, even if I do not admit it very often, that it was for the best for both of them... but my selfish self still misses them and I wish from time to time that they hadn't left.. And this week (due to the mission... or perhaps that was MY mission :) I had the great pleasure of reuniting with both of them! And it was like not a day had passed! The same lively conversations, the ease in discussions, the jokes, the laughter, the news, the gossip, all of it as if it had not been so long since I had met them last in reality! Precious moments... moments one feels the security of a friendship being still present as well as the joy of the meeting, both wrapped up in one big happy package!

So, in this post I not only argue that reunions with dear old friends, not met for a good while, ARE better than shoes, but I have a way to prove it: I was in one of the most chic European metropolises and I did not (repeat: did not!!!) go shoe-shopping! True!! Instead, I chose to be with my friends! And I have not regretted it one bit!!

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Andorinha said...

Vou comentar em português, desculpa: é como comer bolinhos cheios de canela e acompanhados com leite, enroscada nas mantas e com a chuva a bater nas vidraças e o sono a chegar lentamente para aquela sesta de inverno. É assim que me sabem as reuniões com as pessoas de que tenho tantas saudades, como tu, dos teus amigos :)