Saturday 26 March 2011

a good start to the weekend... very important! Equally important is the weekend itself, as, let's face it, it is what we are dreaming of the rest of the week while working... and, yes, I will be the one saying it, it is what keeps us going... the weekend that is... ok, I may have been slightly lost in my train of thoughts here... Anyway, the start to the weekend, the way Friday ends, is important because it brings us IN to the weekend mood and if it is good, than most likely the rest of the mini break will be good too!

I had such a good start to the weekend yesterday! The sun was shinning, rare and brilliant, the mood was already good for the working week was over (and not such a bad one either, to tell the truth...), my iPod was choosing great music as I drove away from the office and, especially also because I had been hungry for almost a week due to a wisdom tooth infection, I was looking forward to dinner! Dinner which would be at my house with a few great friends and my specialty, "pork's tenderloin with lemon sauce", accompanied by my friend's famously good mashed potatoes!  

Mmmm... and what a great diner it was! Not wanting to brag about my pork, which was perhaps the best I ever made (purely by luck... or because I forgot about it almost dangerously while cooking...) or my friend's heavenly mash, I will brag about the great company and the conversations and the perfect atmosphere created just to get us, in the most perfect way, into the weekend! And this is, without a doubt, better than shoes!

ps1. Yes, it is Saturday morning now and raining... @#$%^&**((**&

ps2. No, I will not be revealing the recipe for "pork's tenderloin with lemon sauce" anytime soon...

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