Wednesday 13 April 2011

An education... better than shoes! And, as I read recently, "education for women equals freedom!"

I could not agree more! Growing up, I questioned and rejected most of the things my parents taught me, as a result of a very healthy (at least in my opinion...) revolution in order to form my own principles and values. However, one of the things I never doubted was my mother's advice to be educated and independent. Though I have many a time questioned my choice of studies, with my 20/20 vision of hindsight, there is not a single doubt that who I am and where I am right now in my life is a direct result of my education! And, without wanting to sound presumptuous, I do feel that I am in a good place!

We live in a very competitive society, the economical climate is... well, how to put it... let's just say "stormy" and the one thing, in my opinion, which can give us better quality of life is education. But when I say education, I do not mean just a degree. I mean it in a far more global sense. Languages, experiences, social education, manners, travels, books, arts, these are the things that should fill up our CVs and these are the things we should try to promote about ourselves. These are the things which are going to make us better than the next candidate. I am fully aware that it is not easy to acquire all these assets... my advice is that there is a time for spending every dime and every second of our life towards our education and then there's time to enjoy the privileges that this education is going to provide for us. And this is my personal story...

Education is what will make the world a better place, I have strongly believed it all my life. Education is the most valuable asset which nobody can take away from us and if combined with a fearless attitude towards life and the will to work hard, try new things and be in new places, well, these can almost guarantee a good life :) And lots and lots of shoes!

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