Thursday 2 February 2012

bad decisions...

A friend of mine posted some weeks ago the following in her facebook page: "bad decisions make good stories" and I could not agree more! Looking back in my life, boy, do I have a huge bundle of those! Bad decisions and good stories, that is ;) And to be honest, I do not regret anything! Surely with the wisdom I have accumulated over the years -please, no laughs, I am indeed old and wise, you should have guessed by now- I would have done things differently in quite many occasions, but no, I do not regret the way I did things and the decisions I made because each and everyone of them made me who I am, got me where I am... and, it is not a bad place to be :)

With this, I don't mean that bad decisions are better than shoes... when it comes to that for that matter, I have taken soooo many bad decisions relating to shoes and most of them are still in my closet (those Stella McCartney stilettos have never been worn...) reminding me that with the money I paid for those I could easily spend a week in the Caribbean! But even for the worst decisions I made the stories are good, really good, "better than shoes" good! And their benefit is not only personal, no, I can also share it! Ever so often a friend confides in me about a troublesome situation they are in, about a choice they have to make, about (more often than you think...) a guy who's being a pain in the a** and at those moments I can open the drawers of my memory and share a good story based on my mistakes, my wrong decisions, which perhaps will help and guide them to the right one!

And that is why I thought it worth mentioning. Because this is better than shoes, sharing a good story, and maybe offering some insight, some perspective to somebody who needs it. Now, obviously, there were people who shared their stories with me in the past precisely so that I don't make their mistakes... and I did... stubborn? Perhaps only human... but in the process I made my own stories, my own life. And even if my stories don't help in reality anyone, oh well, they are still good stories! Even for just a laugh :)

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