Wednesday 11 July 2012

the silver lining...

... is, supposedly, always there. Hmmm... So I guess, seeing it should not be a big deal, right? Well, I don't think it is exactly like that... I think it takes quite some training to be able to see the positive side of bad things and, provided that one manages to master the art, that is indeed better than shoes!

I have been training myself in that for some time...  for years to be exact... and in all honesty I still cannot say that I have managed to be one of those people I admire so much who are able, in every bad situation, to see the positive side, to "always look on the bright side of life.. durum... durum durum...".
No, not yet there I'm afraid... but I wanna! I want to be like that, I want to sing in the rain on a Friday night when I decided to walk home after dinner and got soaking wet from the sudden (and totally unforeseen...) downpour, I want to laugh when I spill red fruits' juice on my baby blue cashmere sweater, I want to be in a good mood even when I'm fighting a migraine (and she is winning...), I want to be able to make lemonade when life throws me lemons... and I want it to be good lemonade!

I know that being positive is a state of mind and though I have not entirely put my mind in that state yet, I keep trying. I have already come to terms with the fact that lemons may always come my way, that I have little control over things and that life goes on and I will keep walking no matter what... I just want to improve on that and do it, always, with a smile on my face and no, absolutely no whining! That's what I want, that's what's better than shoes! see the silver lining even when it is really hidden, maintain a positive outlook even when everything looks sh*t, find things to laugh about even when all I want to do is cry... wish me luck ;)

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