Wednesday 29 October 2014


... is the most important meal of the day, but, as far as I'm concerned, is also better than shoes... but not because it is the most important meal of the day...

I have been silent... I have been sad and angry and despaired even and I have not been able to see anything "better than shoes" lately... but I got tired of mopping around and whining and cursing (although I do have a lot more cursing inside that will come out in the near future I fear...) and I decided to look closer, to pay more attention, to try to discover something "better than shoes" to lift me up and drag me out of my misery... after all, this is why I started this blog, right?

Was not the easiest thing in the world... until I realized that it was there all along, staring me in the face while I was so exhausted I was looking at it but not seeing it... And it is simply the way I start my day! It is my breakfast! No, it is not because of the healthy granola and juice and yogurt and whatnot, no! In fact, as of three days ago I gave up the buttery piece of cake I had been eating every morning in an attempt to cut down on sugar; so my breakfast is just tea with honey... No, it not the food, it is the company!

I have my breakfast at work every day with the same group of my closest friends and it is one of the best moments in my entire day (the other one being spending the evening with my better half cuddling on the sofa... oh! and lunch, sometimes, but not every day)! Those conversations, those comments, the nonsensical and the profound, the hilarious, the vulgar sometimes, the stupid and the highly intelligent but always the true and the comfortable and the cozy and the familiar... what to look forward to! Every working day! The comfort zone that offers the greatest laughs and, really, the best way to start the day, even when it seams impossible to do so... How could I have not seen that it is "better than shoes"?! How silly!

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