Friday 29 September 2017

Julia louis-Dreyfus... better than shoes. Period.

Yeah, yeah, I know what you are going to say, a person must be better than shoes, after all they are just "things", right?... nah... not! I could right now, off the top of my head, name you at least a dozen that are definitely not... even when considering the ugliest shoes possible... we are talking crocs, people! Don't believe me? Well, here I go: everyone who's a racist! There! I'm already way above the dozen! People in general are not, by default, better than shoes!

But Ms Louis-Dreyfus, Julia, well she is! Hands down! She is a comedic genius! From her incomparable Elaine who stood as an equal next to Jerry and George and left her unforgettable mark in perhaps the funniest ever comedy in the history of television, the "show about nothing" which was "something" indeed and is always sorely missed ever since, to her incredible Veep, the most hilarious ever fictional politician (and oh, so, so bad!)  who, with her entourage of extraordinary talented actors has made me laugh so hard I literally peed my panties! Oh, and of course, who can forget her SNL days and her "old" Christine! Oh, and her "Enough said", with the amazing James Gandolfini, just gorgeous! She's already a legend in my book!

In a predominantly male profession, that of comedy, she has proven time and again (yes, start counting her awards, it will take some time...) that we girls can be funny! Not just funny, magnificently hilarious! She is not alone, the rest of the ladies are there with her, Amy and Tina and Sam and Sarah and so many others, I love them all and they make me laugh with my heart and that, right there, is the most extraordinary gift because, laughter is life! And I could never thank her for it! I mean, I would love to but, hey, our roads do not really cross... damn...

So, I have been pissed off majorly since yesterday when she shared with me, and the whole world obviously, that she's off to a new battle against some stupid rotten cells but, hey, I would bet a pair of Alaïa high heel sandals that she's gonna win! I predict total annihilation of the enemy! And while doing it, she will also manage to help bring awareness to many of us to take care of ourselves and to fight for everyone's right to health care! That's how badass she is!

Ps. October is breast cancer awareness month, ladies! Get checked, stay healthy, fight for your right to health care! Remember, #fuckcancer

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