Thursday 26 April 2018

Spending time with my niece...

Well, there is absolutely no pair of shoes in the world, the acquisition of which could possibly give me more joy than the 3 hours I spent today with my first born niece! Absolutely none! The maestro Manolo himself, even if he was designing a pair of his masterpieces just for me, could not possibly make me happier than I feel today after having spent the early evening hours with her! In one word, she is amazing!

As life has it, we don’t see each other very often... we live about 3000km apart and I have missed so many milestones in her life... my bad and no way to get that back. I did not really see her grow, but grown she has, into a wonderful young lady! At the age of 16 (ok, 16 minus 10 days) she is smart and funny and sensitive and kind and appreciative and a pleasure to talk to! She is both interested and interesting, she has views about our world, she wants to learn, she listens and she offers opinions, she has dreams, she has a great sense of humour and a loving heart! She is driven and a good student and she has friends she cares about and she has plans and she works hard and also knows how to have fun! And, she’s so, so pretty! Goodness, I’m so proud of her!

Of course I love her, I love her from the first time I saw her, a tiny little thing some 16 years ago! But now I can say in all certainty that I also like her! I like her a lot! I like the person she is becoming and I cannot wait to see more of her, to talk more with her, to enjoy seeing her becoming a woman! Oh, this world needs women like her, needs people like her, she gave me so much hope about the future! The kid is alright, really, and there are many like her and we will all be alright, the world will be alright!

I could never thank her enough for the joy she’s given me today but, hey, no reason not to try... so, thank you my sweet angel M! I love you and I like you lots!

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