Saturday 20 July 2019

dancing to your own tune...

Yesterday, I was having a conversation over lunch with my friend M and we were talking about life as such and choices and, you know, single middle-aged women’s stuff and I said at some point that the unconventional is confusing for most people... but, I would not dance to anyone else’s tune!

The choice many women make nowadays to not live a conventional life (study something “sensible”, get married in your thirties with a man you cannot stand by the time you are in your forties, work until you have 1.8 kids, or whatever the European average is these days, and then quit your job to take care of them, have an unbearable mortgage, an SUV and two weeks of utterly exhausting holidays every year, usually with parents and/or in-laws... that kind of stuff...) is really a puzzle to most people, women and men.
And it is understandable. We humans learn to deal with what we are used to encountering in our lives but with the things we rarely come across, we get confused... we don’t know how to behave around them... we are often scared of them... Unconventional women are not common although, it makes me very happy to report, we are more and more every day!

But ok, we are still a small minority and very often people get confused by our life choices... by my life choices... because they cannot “put me in a box” to feel good about the marvellous order in their heads... yeah, you know, fine by me, I’m not the problem, they are! I don’t want to be in a box until I’m dead.... and even then, just throw me in the incinerator, no box necessary! In reality, I’m sort of ok when people “don’t get me”, most of the times I myself don’t get people! But that’s ok too! I just keep living my life the way I want! Besides, isn’t it the saddest thing to live your life the way others feel more comfortable with?! Isn’t it the saddest thing to try to please everyone else but yourself?! We only have one life! One! What a terrible waste it would be to live it the way others want us to, instead of the way we want to live it!

So, I dance to my own tune and, I tell you, it is better than shoes!

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