Friday 12 February 2010


No, not the series... MY friends! My family of friends!

This post is dedicated to all of them... they know who they are... I won't name names... they are the intelligent, kind, carrying, understanding, fun to be with, bunch of people that I have the privilege of calling my friends! And they allow me to be their friend too... My chosen family... They should know that they ARE better than shoes but, just in case, here is a reminder!

So, here is to the ones who listen patiently to me even when I'm too confused to make sense of what I'm saying myself  and they actually manage to understand my blabbering... and explain to me what I was saying! Those who tell me the truth even when I do not want to hear it... especially when I don't want to hear it because I can be pretty intimidating in those moments and telling me the truth exactly then, takes a lot of guts! Those who love me unconditionally, no, not just "like" me, they actually love me and their love is so obvious by their actions that they don't ever need to say it... yet they do! Because they feel the need to!

The ones who say "count on me" and they mean it... and they do know how difficult it is for me to count on anyone, because, yes, I'm toooo independent and though I want to be always there for them, I do not want to ask anything from them... The ones who when they say "how are you?" they are actually interested in my answer... The ones who ask my opinion and advise and appreciate it though they might do the exact opposite... hey, it's their life after all, they wouldn't be my friends if they were incapable of taking their own decisions! The ones who worry, who care, who are there for me if I need to wake them up in the middle of the night because I need someone to talk to a bit... because I'm lonely... The ones who know me...

The ones who make me laugh, the ones who have made me cry, the ones who are close and the ones who are very far... The ones who don't pretend, the ones who don't lie, the ones who don't accuse and do not put themselves above all... The ones who don't judge, the ones who are not selfish... The ones who allow me to be part of their life... Here is to all of them, incredible people...

You are the best, you all are better the best shoe, better than a pair of all-time-classic Christian Louboutin black leather ballerinas! The super classy, super comfortable and super pretty! I love you all and I respect you and admire you and I miss you and I hope I'm a worthy friend for you!
And if/when I'm not, tell me! Pleeeeease!


Andorinha said...

Me! Me! Me!!! :)) Can I? May I? :))
You'd better call if you are not feeling better Missy! I've missed my promise on the 11th of January, I wont miss more, so if are not okay and don't spit it out, I will haunt you for the rest of your life (ahahaha- riso maléfico!!!)

Nina said...

Promised, my favorite poltergeist!! LOL