Friday 12 February 2010

The amazing world of movies!

I have been quiet for some time now... My last post was not as the usual ones of things that are, without a doubt, great (since they do win in the race against shoes...) Well, the thing is that I have not experienced any such good things lately... ooooor, so I thought!

As I was thinking my life these last few weeks, I reached the conclusion that not much has happened, no new experiences, no new spots in the city discovered, no new smells, tastes, views... basically what I have been doing in this cold (the worst ever in my entire life) winter is stay in and watch movies... And that's exactly when it hit me: That's it! Films ARE better than shoes!

Ok, to be exact, certainly not all films are better than shoes! In fact there are quite a large number of them that are horrible... and not just the horror ones! Everyone who had the extremely bad luck of ever watching "The limits of control" knows precisely what I mean! Boy, those were two hours of my life I will never get back!! (what?? wasn't two hours? less?? more?? an eternity perhaps??!!) My apologies to the creators, though they don't need it really, but it sure was not my cup of tea...

Those unfortunate ones aside, though, movies are better than shoes... or at least CAN be better than shoes! And these past few weeks I have seen some real gems! From the world of roller scatting/ fighting to the weird life of a veeeery frequent flyer, from the school of LA to the American South and football (not the one we have in Europe, THEIR football), from the (serious) war zones of the world to staring at goats and finally to the amazing world of fantasies that only Terry Gilliam knows how to create! And each and every one of them a true pleasure! Hours spent with smiles and tears and anger and joy, hours spent with emotions! And though I haven't been a great fan of those for years (emotions I mean) now I do know how to appreciate them!

So this is it for today! Movies! Choose them well, share them with loved ones so that you can comment about them afterwards, make sure you have some popcorn with if that tickles your fancy and enjoy them! I guarantee that the feeling can be better than those coveted beige patent leather Jimmy Choo pip-toes that you saw the other day ;)

PS. RIP Alexander McQueen... you will be missed...

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