Wednesday 3 November 2010

better than shoes?... you bet!!!

My affiliation (no, no, I will not admit obsession...) to shoes is known to more or less everyone who knows me personally... and to all of you who read me, obviously ;) My friends often tease me about it, especially because I will not think twice before buying  a pair of 10cm stiletto heels and then leave it in the box, in the wardrobe, for the following 4 years without ever wearing it... because, supposedly "the right occasion never came up"... booooo.... yeah, that was me boooooing me... who am I kidding?? Surely not my friends...

Anyway, boooooing and teasing aside, the subject of shoes comes up every now and then in our discussions and sometimes even in the electronic ones :) So it was not a surprise when a dear friend of mine sent me this picture of chocolate shoes mentioning that it depicts "two passions in one" :) And indeed it does!! I could not agree more! I mean, there are very few shapes in which chocolate looks more delicious than a shoe shape... and I will not, repeat, WILL NOT mention any of those, use your imagination... As far as I'm concerned, chocolate shoes are better than shoes and deserve to be mentioned in this blog ;)

So, I take the opportunity to thank T. L. for letting me know about this delicacy, making sure I will be sending him the bill from my order which most certainly will take place soon, and I post the picture I got for all of you to see and covet!

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