Thursday 5 May 2011

my new computer is awesome!!!

... and needless to say, better than shoes! OK, it cost me sliiiiiightly more than an exquisite pair of Louboutins but it is worth every cent I paid for it! First of all, the old one was reeeeeeally old, so old that every time I was trying to google chat with my friends, after every sentence I wrote I had to wait 5 minutes for it to appear in the chat! Yep, old, poor thing... I could not have it work for more than 20 minutes if not plugged in, the battery was so ruined... oooops, I should not talk about it as if it was dead, should I?!...

Anyway, I have been promising to myself (and other interested parties...) that I was going to buy a new computer since almost two years now... and every time I would just spend the money in something else, may that be traveling, clothes or... you guessed right, shoes! Simply because hi tech stuff are not my priority, in the sense that If I can do what I want with what I have, normally I will not buy new equipment. So, in this case, I really had to stop being able to do what I want in order to actually get a new machine! But boy am I glad I did!

Featherlight, small, easy to use as this is a guarantee of the fruity brand (no, they don't pay me nor give me discounts so I will just imply their name...) and pretty much the state of the art! For someone who only uses it to blog, browse shoes, book tickets and order take away food, it's more than I could ever dreamed of! And as it is so easy to carry, I can really take it everywhere! Which is great news since this way I will be able to write down and share with you all the good things I come across :) Only bad thing, from time to time I will be thinking of all the shoes I could have bought for the same money.. LOL

PS. yes, this is the first post written in my new computer ;)

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