Wednesday 4 May 2011

NOT bullshitting people... better than shoes! And I am fully aware that the term "bullshitting" will have some of you raise an eyebrow but I am using it intentionally and consciously as I believe it really is the appropriate one! Now, I know that I hardly ever write about politics in this blog and this is not because I am an apolitical being, quite the contrary. I do it because I very seldom have something positive to say in this topic... sadly... But I cannot resist myself today, in the midst of cries of joy of people who believe a "war" was finally over, people who have lost loved ones in this "war", people who are gullible (to say the least and with all due respect...) and nice in their majority, I cannot resit myself from shouting "stop bullshitting us"!!!

No, I do not believe that any infamous terrorist was killed in these past few days, I do not believe that any "war" has been won... in the wonderful words of  Sting, "there's no such thing as a winnable war, it's a lie we don't believe any more"! I do not believe in good news which come very, very conveniently at a moment when they are most needed (to serve their purpose in maintaining a dubious status quo) and without any (available to the people) shred of evidence as to the truth in them.... I do not believe in manipulating people to maintain one's immoral privileges, I do not believe that any good can ever come from death...  then again I am not religious... perhaps this is the reason for my disbelief...

Honesty and politics do not go together... even if they did when democracy was born in my home land, thousands of years ago, for sure they do not go together now and this, in my view, is a universal truth... But there is a line separating what constitutes a political lie and what constitutes pure "bullshitting"...  and in my opinion this line was crossed this time... And that's what made me share this with you... your comments are, as always, most welcome.

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