Monday 15 August 2011

a bit of sun...

ok, not a bit... A lot of sun!!! And a lot of sea and a lot of sand and a cold coffee!! ...I am in desperate need for holidays! And no, that is not better than shoes... but wouldn't it indeed be if I actually were on holidays, hum, hum?!... with the warm sun and the golden sand and the blue sky and the crispy salad for lunch and the ice-cream and a nap after the beach and... oh, bliss!!!

I have made silly plans this summer... It happens and it did actually happen... and as a result of that  I have been patiently (ok... ok... I have no patience for anything and all those who know me can testify to that...) waiting all summer for a week by the sea in my homeland and the time just doesn't seem to get me there! It's like I'm stuck in the calendar, time moving a slowly as honey on a (non-tilted...) table and there is nothing I can do to shift the clock forward! I dream about it, I wish for it, I look at the pictures of the hotel over and over again but... still ten days to go!!

Goodness, this is torture... it's like discovering the perfect ankle boot, with the most perfect hidden platform which adds easily 5 more cm to your (average...) hight and not being able, the Internet world over, to find your size! My friends have all gone on holidays and gotten back, tanned and relaxed and with that glowing smile on their faces and I'm still here! In the rain! Complaining!!! Even in this blog were I have given my word of honour to only write positive stuff... oh, man, the lack of sea and sun and, well, summer to say the truth, has turned me into a monster!!

Anyone knows any tricks to turn time forward?? (Cher wished for the opposite but I guess that didn't work out either...)

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