Saturday 31 December 2011

starting fresh...

... is better than shoes!! And what better time than the beginning of a New Year to put that in practice!

I had wonderful Christmas, I hope you all did too :) Though the thought of putting on my bikini in less than 3 days had an effect on my diet, and yes, I did refuse that divine apple-pie (for those who know ;) my holidays so far have been great! And as the second part approaches, the bikini and sunshine and cocktails on the beach part that is, and there is not much more to do about those 3 extra kilos (which will be traveling along to the Caribbean)  I finally relax!

And, relaxed and content, I start thinking... New Year... well, ultimately there was nothing really wrong with the Old one... I mean, it sure was a difficult one but hey, we wouldn't want it other way, right? Easy is boring! A lot has happened, a lot has been said, a lot has been felt... But now, right now, we all have the golden opportunity to chose what we keep, throw the rest into our mental garbage bin and start anew!

Sure change can happen at any moment but perhaps you will agree with me that at the beginning of a new year it kinda fits better. Now, you may or may not like New Year's Resolutions (I know I don't...) but it is not the declaration of our intentions that counts, it is the intentions being put to practice! So, my theory is, don't declare, do! Be the person you want to be, be with the person you want to be with, say what you mean, mean what you say, love without limits and be independent... ah, and exercise your body, it will be carrying you for a looooong time ;)

Happy New Year to everyone and your loved ones!

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