Wednesday 7 December 2011


And... it is Christmas again!!

Those who have been reading my thoughts in this blog for some time, know already that this is "my" time of the year! For reasons that are unknown even to me, I love this time of the year... it could be because it is the only time I believe some bling-bling is acceptable, even for boring little me with the somber taste and the simple life... but in December, sparkle and shine and glitter and glow are allowed... more than allowed, they are essential!

So last Saturday, again, for the n-th time (man, I'm such a geek...) I had my "time to decorate the house" day! I took the tree out of the storage, hurt my finger setting it up (like, oh well, always...), put the new ornaments in the best places (you know, the front of the tree where they can be well seen) as it is their year this year and even hung up a big stocking on the window for Santa to leave my presents ;) The rest of the gifts, for everyone else, found their place neatly underneath the Christmas tree...

And then, I watched "The Holiday"... The amazing Kate Winslet, the coveted Jude Law, a couple of nice pairs of shoes, a Mini Cooper just to make me smile and really nice music! Add to that the Christmas spirit of the film and a hot cocoa and you have an unbeatable combination!

No, I don't know why I like this tradition... who knows why we like any tradition anyway... some are really silly... But, this one is only mine! It warms my heart and every year I look forward to it... it's comforting... like a pair of Prada Sport boots... like a good friend... like a Dire Straits song... like love... and, no, the order may be which ever you want and the list is not exhaustive... No matter what the reason, tradition it is. And most likely next year, right about this time, I will be writing again about it! Keep reading and you will find out ;)

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