Sunday 2 September 2012

bola do Berlim... with a bit of sand...

I still have sand in my shoes, in the words of the mighty Dido, having come back only yesterday from a week in my beloved Algarve! And what a week it was! Though so much can be said for these 7 days, I will only focus on one thing today, perhaps the best thing of these holidays... a "bolinha" aka bola do Berlim .

This mouth watering delicacy is more or less a Berliner but... well, in its best version! Fried, tasty dough, filled with cream if you so wish and covered in sugar, freshly prepared a couple of hours earlier and sold on the beach by friendly salespeople, men and women, who walk from one side of the beach to the other, indeed under the hot sun, shouting "booooolinhas"! Believe you me, there aren't that many sounds you can hear at a Portuguese beach as inviting as that!

No, imagine that it is about 5 in the afternoon, you have been on the beach since, oh, lets say 11, have read your book, walked, sun bathed,  had a simple nice lunch, then enjoyed a siesta in the shade under the umbrella and then you wake up in the sound of the voices calling for bolinhas... so you wake up, buy a couple of those for just 1€ apiece and you eat it with some freshly squeezed orange juice... mmmmm... no, there are not many things better than that... a "better than shoes" experience without any doubt ;)

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