Thursday 18 October 2012

getting rid of the garbage... better then those Miu Miu glitter heel pumps that I have my eye set on for a couple of months (and cannot afford because I'm spending all my money on lamps and paint and cables for the new house...)

No, I do not mean the regular garbage... that's just a chore. No, I mean the real garbage, the stuff that has accumulated over the years, all the little (or the big) things that we just do not throw away immediately when we realise we don't need them because "what if..." . But that "what if" never comes and the stuff  hides cleverly on the top shelf of the wardrobe or at the bottom of the cupboard or, like in my case, neatly put in beautiful boxes... that's the real garbage and that's what's "better than shoes" getting rid of!

I am in the process of moving house, as those who follow this blog regularly already know. And I made a promise to myself (and my boyfriend) that I would not take any garbage with me in the new home. A removal is a great chance to start over, to rid myself of the old and the useless and the damaged (yes, I do speak literally and metaphorically) and start anew. In order to do that, however, I had to get into the storage... where all the skeletons hid... and throw them away! Scary job... and heavy as well, my back still hurts from last weekend. But I did it, I tamed the beast!

How is it possible for just one person to accumulate such junk is beyond me! How is it possible a house apparently so tidy to reveal such rubbish! Why on earth have I kept insurance bills from 2003 for my old car which by the way I sold two years ago!! I felt ashamed... I sat on the floor tearing papers for hours, I carried 20, yes 20, garbage bags to the garbage bins downstairs and an unknown number of paper boxes... And it felt so good!!! Better than anything I have done in years!!! I freed myself from the past, I broke the chains that kept me a slave to a life is no longer mine!! And yes, it was worth the back pain, every bit of it ;)


Anonymous said...

You didn't throw the insurance bills out because, really, you have a life. So, you sell your car and think, "I must go right home and find every bit of paper connected with my ex car, and dispose of them carefully." Er, no. You choose sanity, which means things like that only get thrown out when you make a general clear-out.
On the other hand, having moved a few months back, and finding myself still opening boxes and finding junk to throw out, I'm not sure that the plan of junk-clearing after moving was such a great one.

Nina said...

Thanks for the vote of confidence, @T Yeah, I guess I do have a life and it is not half bad either ;) All the best with your new home and... keep getting rid of the garbage (even after the removal, what's junk is junk and it needs to go ;)

Anonymous said...

It needs to go, but not on what might be the last sunny Sunday of the year.
Good luck with your move,