Tuesday 6 November 2012

taking a break...

I have been super busy with the removal for weeks now (yes, that does explain why my last post was so long ago...) and I have been doing things I did not think I would be doing... For example, scrubbing the floor boards to get rid of tiny little spots of paint that got away and did not end up on the wall where they should have. Or, putting together my new chairs, they were supposed to come all ready, I thought... this sort of things. Surely I did expect the endless trips to IKEA and to the DIY store(s) I just did not think I would be driving, almost every time, my MINI loaded like a small track back home... and, which home??!! Sometimes the old one, sometimes the new one...

Yes, it has been hectic, stressful, tiring more than I can describe however, just yesterday, after the last lamps were hanged and connected and I cleaned up a bit, I started realizing that it is coming together for real! It was the first time that I thought that I might be on schedule after all, to have everything ready for next week's removal, and that my new home starts to look like I imagined it! And that put a great big smile on my face!

But no, it is not that which qualifies as "better than shoes" today, though if all goes well (fingers crossed) my new nest will be better than shoes on its own. No. Today's post is about taking break... which is what I did today. I went to work (I still have to work in the office obviously...) and then came home, put on sweatpants and crashed on the sofa in front of the TV. And that's exactly from where I'm writing this! It is raining outside, I am cosy and warm and I just stop running around like a maniac for a little while. Tomorrow, again, a lot to do but for today, I'm taking a break and it is marvelous!!

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Anonymous said...

An evening doing nothing at all is, sometimes, just perfect.
Good luck with the removal.