Thursday 15 November 2012

my new home...

... is better than shoes!!!!!!!!!!!

Granted, perhaps not at this moment, with about 60 odd boxes still closed and dropped all over the place, the incredible amount of dirt from the removal company people (man, I hope they don't read this but, goodness me, they are such such slobs!!..), my clothes and shoes still packed ( I have been wearing the same, filthy by now, outfit for the last 4 days and I am disgusted by myself... worse even, tomorrow morning I'm going out and I have to put on the same things as I am too exhausted to continue and unpack another pair of jeans and sweater...) and my indescribable back pain...

However, I have the whole city at my feet, I look out the glass balcony doors from the sofa where I'm seated and I see a sea of lights all the way to the beach, I have taken my first shower here and eaten my first meal, I have TV, phone and internet (thanks to the love of my life), my bed is made  and I feel happier than I can remember! And, "Pointless" starts on BBC1 in a while!! What more can I ask??!

It was the right choice to move, I feel better and better about it as it actual sinks in that I have really done it and I'm here and the worse part is over. So, what if I have another billion things to do? I will do them as I did the other billion things I have done so far, nothing scares me (except for boats... and cable carts... and snakes... and... ok, a lot of things but not this one!) and within a week it will all be ready! I promise! What the heck, next week I will report to you that all is done and I will even post a picture for you ;)

'till then ;)

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