Friday 23 November 2012

my view...

... is better than shoes!! See for yourselves ;)

I did promise to keep you up-to-date about my quest to get rid of the mountains of boxes and have my home ready to live in it as soon as possible... So here, you are:

Thursday last week at 11:30 everything was in and Monday 17:30 everything was in place. I don't know if this is a record, I was not going for one, but it sure is quick :) I worked like a mad woman and this past Monday the place was done. Everything in place, pictures on the walls, my shoes neatly put in the closet (and yes, there is enough space to expand the collection...), storage all arranged nicely, flowers in the vase and a big smile on my face!

Was it worth the trouble? You bet! I can see the sea! Even if only for that, it would be worth it! I'm happy I took the decision to change house, I'm happy I chose this one and I'm happy that it is all done. I have already forgotten the effort, the tiredness, the back pain... I don't care anymore about the things that did not go according to the plan, after all it was just a plan and in any case these are the things that make funny stories to tell, not the ones that go as clockwork, right?


Anonymous said...

It is beautiful. I hope you get some sunshine on that balcony.

Nina said...

Thank you @T :)