Monday 3 December 2012

a "better than shoes" weekend!

You know this feeling when a very demanding time period passes and you have been through it all and gotten out in one piece and all the stress and struggle is over and you can just sit and finally relax? That's exactly how I have been feeling this passed weekend!

Having had the new house all in order and returned the key of the old place, November left me on a good note. The weekend came and, as my tradition has it, Saturday I set up the Christmas tree! First time in the new home, I was dancing and placing ornaments all morning! And after this was done, after I wished like a true Greek "may you do this next year too" to myself, I parked my exhausted body (no, not from decorating the tree obviously, from the passed two months of running around like a mad woman...) on the sofa and watched all time classics: "The Holiday" and "Love actually" with a nice, hot cup of tea! Yes, I do know the lines of these films by heart but "Christmas tree day" without them is not a proper one!

My Saturday was perfected by an IKEA microwave dinner (you should try them, meatball and mashed potatoes, certainly better than anything of the sort) and BBC; being a huge "Strictly come dancing" fan I enjoyed it as always and then laughed my heart out with  "The Graham Norton show" until I fell asleep on the sofa... bliss, pure bliss!!

Come Sunday, after the morning hale storm passed, I went out for a walk with a neighbour and we went all the way to the beach and back, some good two hours walk (to burn the calories from the chocolate abuse of the past few days...) and then, after a much need shower (to warm me up... it was rather chilli yesterday) I went to cut my hair... Pampered!! Continued with a  delicious lunch of erwtensoep, the best thing that the Dutch cuisine (if such thing exists...) has to offer, in my opinion, and then back home where the best surprise ever was waiting for me... ;) What was it?... Mmmm, I think I will keep this one only for myself... But is was most certainly "better than shoes" :) better than those Valentino glitter pumps from this season's collection! Yep, those!! Better!!! ;)

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Anonymous said...

I wish you a BTS christmas, and look forward to reading you in the new year.