Wednesday 22 January 2014

the tavern crawl!

I know that you all know what a bar crawl is and I also guess that at some point in your life you have savored both the fun of the actual tour and the agony of next day's hangover... But have you ever done a tavern crawl, hum? Which is more or less the same thing but instead of drinking, the point is eating :) And not just eating, the idea is that you go from one place to the next in order to taste the best things that every place has to offer thus creating one meal with only the best of everything!

Here's how it's done properly: First, you get a ticket to Porto. I know, it starts in an expensive way but I promise you, the only thing that will actually be expensive is the plane fare as once you are in Porto, accommodation, transportation, food and drinking is cheap! Check it out! When you are there, do take your time to see this amazing city, I have written about its beauty before and will not repeat, but while doing so give the appropriate attention to eating; Porto has the most memorable food scene I have ever experienced! And I do love food ;)

Right, back to the tavern crawl. Do it for lunch, better to be able to have a nap afterwards (ok, maybe this is just for people my age...) before you get ready for the night (Porto offers great bar crawl possibilities as well) and chose a day it's not raining... yes, there are such! Make your research, ask locals, google a lot. Say, one tavern has the best rissol so  you start from there. Then, move on to the best "sandes de pernil" or pork sandwich, certainly include a place for a francesinha , maybe also a caldo verde and don't forget to save some space for dessert, the options are endless. Do not forget to end with a carioca de limão to give your stomach some help to digest everything... The walking from one place to the next is also good ;) Ah, and do not forget to wear comfortable clothes and shoes.

Now, if food is not your thing, fine. I understand. But for me it is one of the greatest pleasures in life and, word, the tavern crawl in Porto was indeed "better than shoes" ;)

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