Thursday 27 March 2014


...or, the declaration of the truth of something.

We all live in denial about something... "No, my bum is not big, it's... perky!"... The brutal truth is that with about a 99,9% certainty, the bum (ok, my bum...) is rather big and ok, I'm 40, I still look good for my age (I hope...) and I take care of myself and blah blah blah, all good, but the bum is big and I'm in denial about it... Lucky for me there are worse things one can be in denial about and those exactly are the ones we should strive to accept.

I was just talking to my mother... when she repeated for the billionth time "no, I never get jealous, I just don't have this emotion", I told her "mum, you are the only person I know who believes you are not jealous"... If I know her at all, she will forget my words in about 7', nevertheless, I did tell her... Maybe, just maybe, she will not and I'm wrong and she will realise that having spent a lifetime believing something about herself that is entirely untrue is a waste of time to say the least! And then maybe, she will come to terms with that, get acquainted with herself a bit, take the first step to maybe... I don't know... stop being jealous... start being happy about other people, not be intimidated by them the way she has been all her life...

Hence, affirmations. Declare the truth, accept facts, face the music, smell the roses... Acknowledging one's fuck-ups is the first step to never repeat them, it is the first step to move forward! Knowing one's own flaws is the first step to correct them. Taking off the pink glasses allows us to see all the other beautiful colours in our life! And yes, some of the ugly ones too (teal should have never been allowed for anything other than gangrene...) but so be it! When you sell that condo by "de Nile", you also get to buy something with a great view to reality and no, reality is not grim, it's pretty if you know how to look and where to look! Just like looking at those Fendi coral heel sandals, you know, the white ones... No, wait, better than those!! ;)

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