Wednesday 4 June 2014

counting blessings...

No, just counting one's blessings is not better than shoes... But being able to do the count when sh*t comes one's way is! I will try to explain...

There are these moments when I feel joy coming over me like a wave, caressing me like the warm sunshine, comforting me like a hot shower after a hard workout and filling me up like a chilled caipirinha on a hot summer afternoon by the sea... And at those moments I spontaneously start the count... I'm (still) young, I'm healthy, I'm loved by a wonderful man whom I love back with all my heart, I have a job, I make a good living, my thighs look better this spring after another year of Pilates and my new Martin Margiela shoes are divine... I'm good!

But to be honest with you it is exactly at those moments that this count is the most useless thing ever! No, seriously! Because I am already happy then! I mean, I can always get happier (#greedy) but the truth is that it is as necessary as an umbrella when you have escaped the rain and already are inside the house! Whereas, if I were able to do the count when life sends a couple of missiles my way, oh, that would be sooooo good! It would be indeed better than shoes! If I could remember how lucky I am in so many ways when my mother plays yet another one of her classics on me, when work overwhelms me and stupidity surrounds me, when my head aches (again), then yes sir, it would help me so much!

But I cant. At least not always... But, oh, wouldn't it be lovely??

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