Wednesday 23 April 2014

veal stew with fried potatoes...

Soooooo... how was Easter?! Bunnies, eggs, roasted lamb maybe? Got a good rest? Your family got to your nerves (again...)? Got to sense the rebirth of nature?

I just got back from Porto and no, I cannot say that this time was magical, amidst bureaucracy that had to be taken care of, a struck of bad luck with the weather and an acute gastro-whatever that required a brief hospitalisation, it was rather... hmmmm... ok than amazing.

However, every cloud has a silver lining and mine was no exception... Because even in the roughest of times one can always find a reason to smile. Mine was the veal stew with the fried potatoes.
No, not "any" veal stew and not "any" fried potatoes. No. It was the most succulent, juicy, ready to dissolve in your mouth veal, cooked with just a little bit of fresh tomato, having been let to simmer for what appeared to have been days, the perfect amount of salt, the perfect amount of sauce... And the potatoes, golden, tasty, freshly fried real potatoes that just screamed "let me soak in the sauce" (and I did hear them, I'm not deaf...)! Just delicious!

Ahhhh... what a meal... Right by the river Douro, offering the most beautiful views, under a warm bright sun and with the best company I could have asked for! And so I did smile! A lot! because after all, a bit of good luck within the bad luck times is the most precious thing and I got it! And it was better than shoes!

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