Wednesday 5 September 2018


...are better than shoes. And I could just leave it to that but, I being I, will elaborate.

Think about it... think about all the moments in life when a hug is just the most appropriate gesture: when we are happy, when we are celebrating, when we are congratulating, when we are proud, when we are sad, when we are grieving, when we are sick, when we get well... the list goes on and on.... at weddings, at parties, at birthdays, at funerals (yes, sadly they are part of life too...), when we haven’t seen a friend for a while, when we need support, when we are angry and we need to calm down, when we need to be comforted, when we cry, when we laugh... when we love...

I love hugs... I wasn’t always like that, in my teens I was not at all into human touch, even in my early twenties as my dearest friend A would definitely confirm, I was not into “touchy feely stuff”... maybe because of my childhood... who knows... what I know is that I had been missing out! And when I changed, because I did change, and I got to understand the importance of it, when I realised the healing powers of a simple hug, this gentle exchange of positive energy between two human bodies, the warmth, the love that it can convey, the genuine smile that it can put on our face, oh, I became a fan! And now, whenever I can, I try to make up for all the wasted, hug-less years of my life!

And I tell you this: nothing can replace a hug! Give hugs to the ones you love, to your friends, to children, to your parents, to anyone who looks like they could use one! Accept to be hugged! Accept to be held, accept to be supported, everyone needs it now and then... don’t shy away from them and don’t be stingy with them! Give generously as they are one of the best things in life... they are the definitive “better than shoes” thing in your lives! Trust me! 😊

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