Friday 21 September 2018

poké bowls...

...are better than shoes! Let me tell you all about them ☺️

On a warm evening of a beautiful summer day this last July, a day which with hindsight was one of the highlights of my whole summer, I discovered the pleasure of savouring a poké bowl. Now, for those of you who don’t know what that is, Google’s your friend but I will give you an idea... imagine a bowl where you put some nice sushi rice at the bottom and you top it up with chopped raw fish and a variety of other ingredients of your choice, such as vegetables, beans, seaweed, seeds and stuff. My favourite one contains, apart from the rice, edamame beans, wakame, salmon, avocado, surimi salad, wasabi mayonnaise, orange massago and chopped roasted almonds. Are you salivating yet?!

This delicious dish comes to us all the way from Hawai and in a way to me it is a bit like deconstructed sushi and so I could not not like it, being the sushi fan I am (I ate only sushi for ten straight days the first time I went to Japan, I simply love it!) but it is also different in the sense that the rice may be slightly lukewarm and I find it more fulfilling than sushi which usually leaves me wanting more... well, maybe that’s just me... The poké is fresh, light, not greasy, very healthy I think and just so, so, sooooo tasty!!

I cannot deny that that specific day when I first tried it at that little place in the food court just in front of my house, was perhaps the best day of my summer... I was really on seventh heaven back then and it is possible that I love eating it ever since because it reminds me a bit of the joy I had in my heart that day... it is possible... Oh, well... even if life took a different turn (as it so often does...) and that day is just a sweet memory now, I still have my little poké bowls to enjoy every now and then and I urge you to try them too! 

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