Saturday 6 October 2018

pyjama days...

Phew!... I had the most hectic week imaginable! Work was crazy demanding, I was at some point going down with a cold, had to take care of some tax and bills’ issues, in the midst of it all I also had an appointment for my hair (I know, I know, not exactly a chore but I do go an hour away for it... because when you find a hair stylist that gets you, you hang on to them, right?!...) and also a friend from back home was here for a conference and I would not miss the chance to get together with him and show him around in my city! And by the way, T, was lovely seeing you! Let’s not wait another eight years, ok?

So, yeah, my week was really something... but since last night things calmed down, I had a wonderful time with my adopted little sister M (happy birthday, sweetie!) with dinner and a drink and today, due to a last minute change of plans, I got to have a pyjama day!! The whole day at home by myself, totally stress-free, in my jammies and fluffy slippers, going from bed to sofa, sleeping whenever I felt like it, catching up on my series on Netfix and topping it all up with “Strictly”...  yes, people, I watch BBC’s “Strictly Come Dancing” every year religiously, my life needs a bit of glitter and glitz, what can I say?... throw in a couple of sandwiches and cups of tea and you have just the perfect day!

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love shoes and every opportunity to wear them but a girl’s feet need a day’s rest, dont’t they?... spending today so lazily, so relaxed, so cozy at home, nowhere to go and nothing to do while the wheather turned a bit nasty in the evening, curled up on the sofa in my pj’s, recovering sleep and rest and strength, well all that was a true luxury and a much needed one! My body and my mind needed this and now I’m ready for next week! I hope it will be much calmer one and with much more fun but in any case, I’m ready for it!

I had my lovely pyjama day today and those are, definitely, better than shoes!

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