Friday 19 October 2018


This has been perhaps the most significant year of my life. In my 44 years on this planet, never have I been through so much... and though most of it has not been “better than shoes” and, in fact, has required quite a substancial amount of shoe purchasing in order to cope with and I will never, therefore, write about it in this blog, there is one thing that is worth a post. And that is overcoming.

I am not special in any way... I’m a woman who was broken in a million pieces and managed to pick them up, put them back together and reinvent myself as an even better person than before. And I believe anyone can do it. Anyone can! All of us can! You see, most times, when we find ourselves hitting a wall, we only need to take a few steps back to see that the “wall”, is not really a wall at all, it’s a pillar that we were looking at very closely and there’s way to move forward either by going left or right of it... and then we need to choose our way... there is always a way! There’s always an option! And it’s just a matter of perspective.

Even the worst situations, even the worst problems, have a solution. Sometimes the solution is only finding our way of accepting the problem but even that, is a solution! Even if we can’t solve it, we can deal with it! And sometimes, even when we really don’t like the way things are going, life has a magical way to show us that, in the end, maybe everything happened for the best! Time heals! That is, if we take time to heal and not just to relive again and again the bad stuff... it takes effort, it takes strong will but I believe all humans have it in us to overcome. To take a bad thing and look at it from a different angle and turn it into a good thing! Maybe not right away but if we use time to our advantage, we can turn everything around!

I have been sad this year... very sad... but I’m not sad anymore. I’m not desperate. I’m not broken anymore, I’m whole again! I have scars, deep ones, but I wear those with pride and I move forward and I laugh and I have more and more happy moments and that’s what’s important. Happiness for me is not a constant, is just a series of happy moments. I have that. I have overcome. And this is “better than shoes”! You can bet your most precious Louboutins on it 😉

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