Saturday 24 August 2019

falling in love...

A couple of weeks ago, I was watching “The mirror has two faces” and there was that scene where Barbra Streisand is at the university giving a class and it’s about love and its socio-historical importance (or something like that...) and in the end she says that, although there’s much to be said about it, we all want to fall in love “because it feels f@cking great!!”. Yes! Exactly! It does! Thank you, Barbra!!

So as I’m laying on the beach, letting the sun turn me into a bronze goddess (or something like that...) while listening to the waves break on the shore, I’m thinking again about that. Yes! I want that! Damn it, I’m not that old! I want to fall in love! Head-over-heels, my-friends-tease-me-about-it, all-consuming, good old L-O-V-E! I want to walk around with a silly smile on my face, I want to check my phone for texts, I want to be giddy like a schoolgirl and tell my besties all about him and count the minutes until I’m in his arms again! In the arms of a man who’s equally head-over-heels in love with me, all giddy like a schoolboy, telling his mates all about me and being teased sensesly by them!

A man who will make space for me in his life because he will be sure that his life is better with me in it! A man who will care and take care of me and who will know when I need him without me having to tell him... because he will know I don’t like to need anyone. A man who will want to see the world with me and share new experiences and also stay in pyjamas on Sundays watching Netflix on the sofa. A man who thinks that monogamy is cool! Oh, and he likes hot chocolate with Kalhua in it.

Yes. Here, today, on this island I decided I’m not afraid to say that I want to fall in love with such a man, nothing less. And I know it’s a long shot but... no more “managing my expectations” to be satisfied with breadcrumbs, no more being scared... I want the full shebang and I’m ready for it! Because, as Barbra said, “it feels f@cking great”! And it is better than shoes! 

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